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Women and the Civil Disobedience Movement

By Virginia Braddock aka Lady Broadoak
The Tide Cannot be Stopped
Acts 27:23 "For there stood beside me this night an Angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve."

The women are coming forward. They are coming in vast numbers. They are a surprising coalition.

They are homemakers and workers, mothers and childless, old and young, rich and poor, marathoners and the disabled, educated and illiterate, civil libertarians and Bible carriers; one thing is common to them all. They are from EVERY WHERE. The most auspicious characteristic of this alliance is that so many participants are absolutely new to any kind of protest movement.

Spiritual Warrioresses -- leading the Civil Disobedience movement -- are a global phenomenon. And this is making a difference.

Rather than sitting alone in profound silence, isolation and denial, women everywhere are taking up The Cause.

That cause -- in two phrases -- is: Save the world AND get rid of Bush and his cronies NOW before it gets any worse.

Cindy Sheehan is not a one-off. Chomsky can’t identify her by her archetype, but I can. There are many Spiritual Warrioresses arising. And what’s interesting is that it is an inner call, it is not based on Ghandi, Pankhurst, Martin Luther King or any of the nonviolent leaders of the past. That is what has confused people about Cindy Sheehan and the women at Camp Casey.

It is an illusion to think the civil disobedience (CD) movement now underway is only about troop withdrawal from the Middle East -- or about the thousands of lives lost and people maimed and martyred on both sides in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s about the quality of life and purpose we all want to enjoy. The Cabal understands the Prophecies; they just want to make the optimum use of time to store up their goodies to get them through the End Times.

I saw three things today to chew on.

One was a doctored picture of Senator Harry Reid which originally appeared in the Washington Post. The original pic, in which he appears sainted, a surreal dome behind his head with his apostles, now carried the label “An American Hero.


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This is a wonderful way of telling this story. It seems to be in the mass consciousness right now. There was a story about the "Marching Progressives Back into Power", By Ruth Conniff, The Nation.
EMILY's List has done wonders for women in politics. But after 20 years of successes on helping women to overcome the many obstacles woman face in running for office. This is an organization that helps to train and support poor women run for local office. If we truly want to change things, we have to start at home and expand outwards. There are many wonderful, brave women who would be prefect candidates to run for any office and this organization help to find them and fund them.

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