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The Bigger Picture: The March Towards World War

By D. Lindley Young
Published The Modern Tribune November 1, 2005


WASHINGTON, D.C. (11/1) - While some Americans are worrying about what got the US in the Iraq war, others are focusing upon what could be a much bigger conflict. There is an ever growing trend towards a potential military conflict with China and Russia. It is receiving little attention by the US media, but, China and Russia appear to be taking it very seriously as they prepare for the potential.

Some would argue that the Bush administrations plans for the new American century are painting China and Russia into a defend to survive corner which is compelling China to rapidly expand its military, expand and affirm geopolitical relationships, Chinese and Russian defense cooperation and a race to weaponize space or prevent the US from doing it first.

Pushing the trend towards military conflict with China and Russia are US plans to militarize space; the de facto withdrawal of the US from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty; a Bush first nuclear strike policy (that specifically names China and Russia as contingent targets); US expansion of military bases to "surround" China, Russia and Iran, and the aggressive implementation of plans to expand strategic presence in the Middle East and Asia (purportedly protect Taiwan).

Ostensible attempts to control important oil resources in Iraq; possibly cut off threats oil supplies from Iran to China and Russia; US efforts to set the stage for war with Iran with UN sanctions for Iran's nuclear program (opposed by China and Russia) and the Bush administrations attempts to sell $10 billion dollars of weapons to Taiwan.

It what some believe are attempts to goad China and Russia towards eventual conflict, the US made agreements this week with Japan to realignment US military forces in Japan. As put by Japanese Defense Agency chief Yoshinori Ono, "This is the beginning of a significant era for the military transformation of the Japan-US alliance." Ono said the agreement "is necessary to maintain Japan's national security."

The agreement to transform the US military presence in Japan comes at a time when there is increased hostility between Japan and China as evidence by recent demonstrations in China against atrocities committed by Japan against the Chinese people in World War II. The US military force realignment agreement with Japan has special meaning since US policy for regime change in Iraq was designed to create a greater presence in the Mid-East and to expand the parameters for the protection of Taiwan. It comes only a few months after the US and Japan announced a joint agreement to protect Taiwan and follows the speech by Condoleezza Rice made in Japan praising the man who advanced the strategy of surrounding Russia with military bases during the post-World War II era.
Willy Lam for The Jamestown Foundation noted, "In the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership, the new doctrine of encirclement and containment was spelled out during a visit by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Tokyo."

"It did not help that Rice saluted in her Sophia speech the father of the anti-Soviet containment policy George Kennan - who had just passed away - as one of the “great architects of American foreign policy


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The head of NASA formerly worked for a company which developed technology for the CIA.

Nature 434, 261 (17 March 2005) | doi: 10.1038/434261a

Bush settles on technical innovator to head up NASA

Michael Griffin: scientists praise the decision to appoint this pioneer of small, smart missions.
If the appointment is confirmed by the Senate, it will be Griffin's second stint with the US space agency — he served as NASA's chief engineer and the head of its exploration office in the early 1990s. After that he worked for aerospace companies and for In-Q-Tel, a Virginia-based company that develops technology for the US Central Intelligence Agency. Since last April Griffin has headed the space department at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland. The lab has become a main supplier of spacecraft for NASA planetary missions, such as the MESSENGER mission to Mercury and the New Horizons project to visit Pluto.

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