You are herecontent / Italians Break Into Construction Site of Massive New US Base, Plant Flags and Banners in Opposition

Italians Break Into Construction Site of Massive New US Base, Plant Flags and Banners in Opposition

Activists Prepare to Take Over the Site on the Fourth of July

Report from the No Dal Molin movement:

The flag of the citizens defending their land waves high in the area of Vicenza, Italy, that the United States would like to see militarized.

In just a few minutes, NoDalMolin activists reached the fence along the river, cut it, climbed up a hill of rubble and gravel on the north side of the airfield and planted the 8-meter-high flag, a symbol of dignity and independence from military slavery and imposition.

A hundred people in all participated, women and men, young and less young (because the strength of this movement is found in its diversity) blending together, as always, different generations.  This is what will be also on July 4th, when the Presidio Permanente invites everyone to Vicenza to plant thousands of NoDalMolin flags in the area where the U.S. military intends to build a new outpost of war.

A date, July 4, not chosen at random: not only in fact Independence Day for the United States, but a few days later the G8 begins in L’Aquila, and the new U.S. President will arrive in Italy for the first time.

Vicenza will host the first Italian demonstration directed towards President Obama since he entered the White House.  While President Obama speaks of peace, democracy, and environmental protection, his Army wants to impose a new and devastating war base on Vicenza.

On the eve of the summit that pretends to decide the future of the world, we want to defend our right to determine the future of our city, independent from military slavery and being carried to war, free to give value to community interests and territorial resources, disobedient to impositions that would make us spectators of our everyday life.

On July 4th we’ll meet in Caldogno, Vicenza, Via Madre Teresa di Calcutta at 3:30 p.m., and together  we will free Dal Molin from the war base.

They took away our right of expression and our freedom of will; they didn’t allow us to know and verify the plans and the environmental, urbanistic, and social consequences of the construction; they would like to keep us silent and submissive in front of an imposition sealed by all governmental approvals, but nonetheless illegitimate.

They will see us smiling and determined: on July 4th we will free Dal Molin, on July 4th we will express our dignity.


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