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Join a Convoy to Gaza

By David Swanson

Illustrated by Michael Parenti

Kevin Ovenden contacted me. He works with British MP George Galloway -- yes, this hero. Ovenden is currently in the United States helping to put together a convoy of, hopefully, hundreds of vehicles and people to bring medical aid to the besieged people of Gaza.

Americans are invited to take part. The cost of a plane ticket, a hotel for two nights in Egypt, and other expenses is required. I told Ovenden I'd like to go if I can raise the money. If you'd like to read, hear, and see my reports from Gaza at please go to that site and contribute. If $2,000 comes in, I'll go. If that total isn't reached, I'll use your contributions in our work for peace and justice.

But this is not just about me. I want YOU to contact Kevin and join the convoy yourself. Here's what Kevin says about the trip:

We will fly out from the US to Cairo on July 4 (message being that Palestinian independence is as worthy as US independence) where we will cohere the convoy, aid and vehicles and head off aiming to enter Gaza on July 12. We organized a similar operation from Britain in February - driving for 23 days with 107 vehicles, 255 people and approx $2 million worth of aid through France and Spain, and then across the Maghreb.

Support for the convoy is already taking off. Ron Kovic is the co-leader of the convoy alongside George. As in Britain, the climate post the December/January offensive against the people of Gaza has turned markedly. There is a renewed confidence around this issue - notwithstanding the shocking verdict and sentencing in the retrial of the Holy Land Foundation people.

We are taking strictly medical aid and have gone to great lengths to meet the stringent requirements of the US authorities on charitable contacts with organizations operating in Gaza. We want the convoy to show the world - particularly the Middle East - a different face of the US, that something other than the US Marine Corps can come from these shores.

We hope that it will play a part in continuing to shift US public opinion on the issues surrounding Israel/Palestine and the wider region. A changed public opinion is a precondition for a changed and more just foreign policy.

We also hope that the sight of many hundreds of US citizens brining aid to the people of Gaza will have an impact throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds - demonstrating that the US population is not congruent with the policies pursued for the last eight years and longer. That can only be of benefit to all those who want the US to be seen to play a different role in the world.

It would be possible for you to fly in to Cairo on 11/12 July, meet up with the convoy, enter Gaza and be back on a flight to the US on Thursday 16 July.

There is, naturally, a great deal of support for the initiative among particularly the Arab and Muslim communities in the US. But we want the convoy to reflect also the breadth of US support for justice for the Palestinians. So American figures who are widely known in the US or abroad will have a disporportionate impact.

The convoy delegates are leaving from JFK on July 4 to Cairo and thence, a week later to Gaza. Given the pressures of time some people will be flying out on the weekend of July 11 and 12 to join us on the final push to the Rafah crossing - scheduled for July 12 or 13.

You can find further information about the US convoy at

and on the British at

Best wishes,
Kevin Ovenden
312 493 4630

I encourage you to contact Kevin and inquire about taking part. Please also read this article:

Don't Carp, Organize: Our Convoy to Gaza

"Where is the ummah; where is this Arab world they tell us about in school.”

Those words will forever remain etched on my brain. They were spoken by a 10 year old girl in a bombed out ruin in Gaza in March. She had lost almost her entire family in the 22-day Israeli bombardment earlier this year. The second time she spoke, it was to the back of my head. I had to turn away; what answer could you give her?

While Hugo Chavez expelled the Israeli ambassador to Venezuela, the leaders of the Arab League, with a handful of exceptions, spent those murderous weeks in December and January scarcely summoning even the synthetic indignation that has so often attended previous bloody episodes in the Palestinian tragedy.

But that was not so of public opinion, not only in the Muslim world, but mobilized on the streets of Western capitals. In Britain, over 100,000 people took to the streets and night after night we blockaded the Israeli embassy. Above all, the Gaza onslaught produced in the US an unprecedented outpouring. There have, for sure, been protests before, but this has turned out to be more than an ephemeral release of impotent rage. Something is changing.

That has become more and more apparent to me over the last two months as I’ve spoken on Palestine at packed meetings and fundraisers across the US. The opinion polls in January showed a plurality of Americans against the Israeli onslaught. It may not have been a surprise to those of us who witnessed Ariel Sharon’s leveling of Beirut in the late summer of 1982, but the sight of white phosphorous – which forms a gaseous cloud – being used against civilians in Gaza stunned the senses of millions or people who had up to that point been led to believe that it was somehow the Palestinians who were occupying Israeli land rather than the other way round.

Seasoned activists in the Palestinian cause confirm that there is now a window of opportunity to take this case beyond the ghetto and into the mainstream of political life – in the US and in Britain, which between them bear the heaviest responsibility for the suffering in Palestine: the US as the cashier for Israeli colonization; Britain, as the author of the tragedy in 1917, when a leader of one people, British foreign secretary Arthur Balfour (an anti-Semite), gave to the purported leaders of another people, the Zionist movement, the land belonging to a third people, the Palestinians. And all without asking any of the people, which even by the standards of British imperialism is quite a triumph.

How then to bring to the cause of Palestine the kind of political movement that helped shatter apartheid, between the hammer of the ANC resistance and the anvil of international solidarity? This is the question that has led to me flitting backwards and forwards across the Atlantic, between lectures and fundraisers here, and the unfolding of an extraordinary political crisis at home. It was the question we asked ourselves as we marched past the Israeli embassy on those cold days in January.

The demonstrations were important. Anyone who doubts that should listen to those living under siege whose capacity to resist was strengthened every time they saw those protests on Al Jazeera and Press TV. But they were not enough, nor were the speeches, though they too have their place. It is actions that speak louder than words. That’s why on January 10 I announced at the big London demonstration that I would be leading a convoy of humanitarian aid from Britain to Gaza.

We decided to head off just five weeks later and to go through a difficult route – down to Spain, cross to Morocco and then driving across the Maghreb. We hoped to take a dozen or so vehicles. In the end, we left Hyde Park on February14 with 107 vehicles, 255 people and around $2 million of aid. Some 23 days and 5,500 miles later we entered Gaza. And now, we’re doing it all again, this time from the US.

On July 4, the Vietnam vet Ron Kovic, myself and hundreds of US citizens will fly out from JFK to Cairo where we will form up a convoy of hundreds of vehicles carrying medical aid and head into Gaza. We will be in Egypt exactly one month to the day from when President Obama delivered his historic speech offering a new and more egalitarian relationship between the US and the Muslim world. And that speech makes it all the more imperative that anyone and everyone gets on board this convoy.

For Obama’s speech, like his election campaign and presidency, can be looked at two ways. There were the expressions of general support for Israel and continuity in foreign policy which it would be naïve not to expect from any US president. How easy it would be to slump into the cynical and knowing snorting that has been such an unappealing trait of too much of the left for far too long. Because at the same time, his skilful appeal for a more respectful East-West dialogue opens up many roads for friends of Palestine and the Arab cause. If you doubt that, look at the frenzied reaction of the Israeli right who, in their usual understated way, are likening opposition to the settlement program to genocidal murder.

Our case is that Obama is right to identify that if the US wants to drain the swamp of hatred against it, then it needs a radical change in policy. The road he marked out in Cairo points in the right direction. But he stopped short. Literally. The road leads a couple of hundred dusty desert miles further from the Nile Delta, across the Sinai and to the Rafah crossing into Gaza. Hence the convoy, whose aims are manifold.

First, it is to take much-needed aid to a people subsisting under siege. We are a link in the supply chain that others who have sent delegations to Gaza have also helped establish.

Second, it is to take people – lots of American people. No one should underestimate the impact that will have on the Palestinian people. It was emphasized by our hosts in March that the presence of so many Britishers was even more valuable than the aid we brought. It meant hundreds of people going back as ambassadors for Palestine in towns and cities across the country. For the people of the Gaza Strip it was proof positive, in front of their very eyes, that they had not been forgotten.

Third, it is to contribute to the mighty process of changing US public opinion on this issue. And where public opinion changes, public policy follows – even if the mechanism is complex and difficult. The eight dark years of the Bush era saw, in effect, the criminalization of solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Whole organization, Muslim and Arab, were closed down, their leaders disappeared and deported or imprisoned, witness the appalling trial and verdict of the Holy Land Foundation organizers. This convoy is about ending that. We want a cross-section of US society, including prominent figures, to take part and demonstrate that this is no longer a no go area; that Palestine is the issue and nobody is going to turn us around.

In Gaza, Ron Kovic will hand over wheelchairs to Palestinian amputees. That’s the image the world’s media will carry. Let the rabid supporters of the Netanyahu-Lieberman regime raise their voices against that. That’s a public relations battle we should relish.

There’s no point passively bewailing what this presidency might be failing to do. If we make an impact in July and beyond, it can help shift the balance, throwing the die-hard defenders of Israeli aggression on the defensive and making it more politically attractive for President Obama to move further down the dusty road.

In a sense George W Bush had an excuse for the mayhem he unleashed: he was a complete and utter imbecile. Barack Obama does not have that excuse. He’s highly intelligent and cultured. He met the sorely missed Edward Said. He doesn’t just know who the President of Pakistan is, he can pronounce the name of the country.

If the new sentiment for Palestine in this country is roused and made politically effective, there will be no excuse for anyone not to do the right thing.

Go to for information on the US to Gaza convoy or phone 773 226 2742

George Galloway is the Respect Party Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow.

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I love a man of principle...... "I'll go if someone else pays for it.


twenty dollars to ADS David goes to Gaza. My electricity is not in fear of being cut off due to recent overtime pay. I see nothing wrong in asking for financial help to do something you can't afford to do otherwise. Most here know David would bring us words we couldn't get elsewhere and would complement the recent attention that Gaza has deserved for a long time. I'm in. Are you?

We seemed to be able to find all kinds of military aid for Israel to bomb Gaza. Wouldn't it be nice if we could come up with aid to make life tolerable for the people there. Oops, I forgot! That isn't how ethnic cleansing works.

Isn't wonderful how hard David works for your freedom so that you can spew?
Even if your wrong,,,

David, please keep us posted so we will know if we need to send more money. You have no idea how much we want you to go to Gaza and report back to us about it. I heard from Code Pink. It is so important that the people of Gaza get their story out.

The idea that Gaza presents and an existential threat to Israel is so incredibly ridiculous as to be insane. If we could just get the truth out . . .

Of course, us white Americans must live with the fact that our ancestors ethnically cleansed this country for the most part.

Never again??? It appears that the Jews have now decided to take their turn -- again. Anyone who has read the Bible has read some pretty gruesome stories.

not close to $2000 yet

The Israel Firsters have already found you and are defending their genocidal activities with the usual lies. They haven't brought up the existential threat yet. It's coming. Get ready because they are very afraid of the truth getting out.

Once again, we have several pointers declaring openly that for NO REASON, [the way they seem to operate], the Israelis decided it would be a fun thing to do, to simply bomb and invade the GAZA, for kicks. Knowing that Hamas would have very little chance of stopping Israel's assault, and any other destruction that would result.
But, prior to the first bomb, or the first foot on the ground by Israel troops, Hamas was asked to stop firing rockets into Israel's homes and Israel's land. Israel warned Hamas of what would happen if Hamas refused to stop the rocket attacks.
Hamas knew they had no chance of stopping any onslaught that Israel might bring on them from the git-go. Hamas knew full well that what they were allowing to continue whould result in a through ass kicking on Hamas' part. But they defied the people of GAZA the chance to avoid any conflict with Israel.
Hamas made the DECISION to hide behind the people of GAZA, fire missles from inside church grounds, schools, medical facilities. Intending to endanger the lives of the palestine people. Those Palestine People who were lucky enough to escape the traps set by Hamas were the lucky few.
I see these people so intent on a humanitarian mission for the wrong reasons, as not knowing what the REAL WAR was about. It certainly was not Israel's superior forces. It was a "decision that was made by Hamas".

Where to start to educate Pepaw?
The Balfour Declaration of 1917
The Balfour Declaration of 1917 (dated 2 November 1917) was a formal statement of policy by the British government stating that "His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."[1]

This was a totally arbitrary decision on the part of Britain to give the Palestinians' land to a third party (Jews). I live in Indiana. What if G.B. had decided to give Indiana to the Jews? Would I not have a right to resist this?

How about UN Resolution 242?
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (S/RES/242) was adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council on November 22, 1967, in the aftermath of the Six Day War. It was adopted under Chapter VI of the United Nations Charter.[1] The resolution was drafted by British ambassador Lord Caradon and was one of five drafts under consideration.[2]

It calls for

...the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East which should include the application of both the following principles:

(i) Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;

(ii) Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force...."

How about the internationally (UN) recognized principle of proportionality in warfare and military responses. A country is allowed to respond to actions and provocations only in proportion to such actions. If memory serves me correct, Israel did not suffer a single death in the year 2008 from rocket attacks until after they started bombing and firing artillery into Gaza in December and then there was just one Israeli fatality from the rockets in 2008.

The scope of the Israeli attack was completely out of proportion to the crude rockets lobbed at them occasionally by Hamas. The reason Israel gave for attacking was that it was necessary to keep its citizens safe, but it has not that, not that it would be justified if it did.

Then of course there is the Israeli blockade of Gaza, in and of itself an act of war.

So we here in the U.S. can blame the so-called bad guys like
Hamas for all the ills in the Mideast, but doing so ignores the facts and will never bring even a semblance of peace or justice to the region. All it will do is make us in the U.S. feel good about supporting our own government's criminal policies which include funding the Israeli war machine. If that's what you're looking for Pepaw, that's what you get supporting our government.
Nick Egnatz
Veterans For Peace

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