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I Can't Wait

I Can't Wait
By David Swanson

Remarks for World Can't Wait Rally at White House, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005:

I don't know about the world, but certainly I can't wait any longer to end this war or to impeach this president. One more death, American or Iraqi, is too many.

Actually, what I said is not true. We do know something about the world. We know that polls that were done last year were unable to find another country on the planet that would have elected Bush or even made it close enough for him to steal.

Even in this country, we know that African Americans and Latino Americans and Jewish Americans and Female Americans and Unionized Americans and Urban Americans and Non-Military Americans and Non-Religious Americans voted against him. And we know that the Christian white guys, not to mention vets and military families, are coming around. Just look at how Harry Reid stood up yesterday and announced the birth of an opposition party in the United States Senate. George W. Bush is becoming a uniter, not a divider, after all. It's just that he's uniting the country against himself.

What else do we know about the world? We know that Argentina is planning a major protest for Bush's visit. We know that the Prime Minister of Italy is having to oppose the war in hopes of getting reelected, even though he owns 80 percent of his country's media. We know that the British Ministry of Defense recently found that 82 percent of Iraqis want U.S. troops to stop liberating them right away.

The Pew Research Center released data in June on attitudes around the world toward Bush and the United States. The findings were not pretty.

In every nation surveyed, more disapproved than approved of Bush's so-called re-election. In most countries 60 or 70 percent or more disapproved.

When asked whether U.S. foreign policy considers others' interests, 67 percent of U.S. citizens said yes, but in most countries only around 20 percent or less said yes.

Asked which nations they think of favorably, most Europeans ranked China above the United States.

During the course of Bush's occupation of the White House, the percentage of Brits who approve of the U.S. government's actions has dropped from 83 percent to 55. Among Canadians, approval has dropped from 71 to 59, among Germans from 78 to 41, Indonesians 75 to 38, Turks 52 to 23.

What is the world so upset about?

Well, it's hard to speak for the world, but we do know that most of the world never believed the lies that launched the war and never supported the war. It's not that the world is heartless. Other nations expressed great sympathy on September 11, 2001 and thereafter. It's more that the world is not stupid. People just never believed the hype.

If anyone did believe the hype, it was a group of Americans that included the U.S. Congress. Certainly Bush and his cronies did not themselves believe the lies they were peddling. Their own top experts told them that various claims were not credible, and they went on national television and stated them as fact again and again.

The International Atomic Energy Agency had told them there was no indication Iraq had the ability to develop nuclear weapons. The CIA had told them the forged documents re alleged attempts to purchase uranium were obvious forgeries. The Energy Department had told them the aluminum tubes were not of a type that could be used to develop nuclear weapons. Hussein Kamel, whom they repeatedly cited as a source, had told them that all WMDs had been destroyed. The inspections verified this. The Germans told them that their source, named "Curveball", was "out of control" and "a waste of time." The Czechs had told them there was no Iraq-Al Qaeda meeting.

They knew they were lying. The world told them. We told them. Courageous members of the U.S. Congress told them.

One of the Congress Members who shouted it the loudest was Dennis Kucinich. He has now introduced a Resolution of Inquiry into the White House Iraq Group. This was the group, led by Rove and Libby, that was tasked with selling the public the war. The Resolution is H Res 505, and it will come to a vote in committee in about 10 days. The time to ask your Representative to Co-Sponsor it is now.

You know, back when talk of impeaching Clinton was the only story on the news, week after week, 36 percent of Americans favored impeachment proceedings, and 26 percent favored actual impeachment. A few weeks ago, before the Libby indictment, a poll commissioned by After Downing Street and conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs found that 50 percent of Americans want Bush impeached if he lied about the war. If we shout that loudly enough, it will climb even higher.

We owe it to the world to do so.


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Look out for another major terrorist attack in the near future. It would take something of this nature to turn the nations attention away from the current subject of how the president drove us to war in Iraq. A terrorist attack was used to bring us to this point and another one will get him out of hot water now. Too many unexplained events dealing with 9-11 go unanswered for me to rest easy right now. Let's keep our eyes open for the next big hit that they have been warning us about all along. Timing is everything.

This is the hugest ray of light in a sea of MSM darkness I have yet to see

Tigana at Crawford Peace House's web message board has set up an incredibly wide range of items (even dogsweaters ) with the graphic logo "Google(TM) PNAC" on them ... This is it folks, remember WE ARE THE MSM. With Libby "outted" as a leaker, now we can finally "out" Libby as to what he was all along > a PNACer (pronounced Puh-nacker). Tigana said she is trying to get "Google PNAC" car bumperstickers set up , so bumperstickers might be posted soon too! "GooglePNAC" items are priced low , so a majority of any profits will go to Crawford Peace House
It's like "KILROY WAS HERE"> GooglePNAC will be EVERYWHERE
Thank you Tigana


Great summary of the deception imposed on the American people by our leaders, and actions on track to hold those accountable.

On one point at least, you are absolutely correct. Beyond any doubt, the time is terrifyingly short. Even as the deceptions and cover-ups continue, the neocons are moving fast to regionalize the Iraq war and extend their efforts at "regime change" to Syria, Lebanon, and even Iran. Saudi Arabia, too, is in their sights. They will not be deterred by anything short of removal from power.

On the other hand, the major part of your arguement, like so many put forward by "progressive" advocates, fails because of its underlying assumptions about human nature generally and about the American variety in particular. Self-interest will always prevail over other considerations and, especially under the much-touted American enterprise system, concern for any other interests is seen as a sign of weakness and a fatal character flaw.

Ask any U.S. "captain of industry" about the impacts of world opinion on any decision making process, or about the role of domestic public opinion, for that matter. Who cares if Joe Sixpack disagrees, let alone Canadians, Germans, or Indonesians. They're largely powerless to effect any significant changes and made less relevant with each sponsored legislative action. Even adherence to laws is important only to the extent that contrventions may increase the cost of doing business beyond that incurred through compliance, thus reducing bottom line profitability.

Want proof? Just consider the tepid public responses to ongoing outrages like indefinite, unappealable prisoner detentions, torture and hunger strikes. Americans like thinking they're the world's nicest, most democratic people, but they'll abandon that warm and fuzzy feeling if they can be persuaded that being nice and democratic might increase their risk of being blown up by terrorists.

Americans don't worry much about being hypocrites, because they're told that "everything changed" after 9/11 and that they're fighting a "different kind of war". History will judge their actions as prudent, they believe. Most Americans know that their soldiers probably won't be captured: enemies are barely able to kill the troops, much less capture them. Moreover, what country would dare mistreat US troops and incur America's (perhaps nuclear-tipped) wrath? As for the classic argument that we need rigorous legal process in case we're arrested by mistake, well, most Americans know that it's highly unlikely they themselves will ever be caged at GTMO: most Americans aren't radical Muslims.

Once again, as with American enterprise decisions, worrying about powerless victims is a non-issue. The vast majority will be persuaded to change their minds ONLY if and when they can be persuaded by arguments that give primacy to the role of self-interest in the decision making process. In particular, they must be made to see clearly that the path upon which they are being led is, in fact, a massively and stupidly self-destructive blunder, serving interests other than their own.

Quoting Italy's La Repubblica.: [O]fficial doctrine for the neocons, is at the heart of their Iran strategy. It counts as [the] second Big Mistake of the Iraq war. Big Mistake No. 1 was the neocon belief that the Iraqis would welcome U.S. troops with open arms – instead, they welcomed us with arms. Big Mistake No. 2, now taking shape, is that Iraq's Shiites are Good Guys who will lead a pro-American Iraq against Iran's 'clerical dictatorship.' I believe that they really believe this. But the reality is that in a Shiite-dominated Iraq, the hard-liners and the people with guns (i.e., the Badr Brigades) will take over, and they will make common cause with some of the clergy in Iran. It will be a dagger all right, but one aimed at Saudi Arabia's Sunni state. Of course, that too is part of the long-term Israeli-neocon strategy, to overthrow the Saudi king. It's a regional regime-change strategy (one that includes Syria of course) and it has been central to their whole Middle East policy for a decade. It is also a fantasy, with a thousand possibilities for things to go terribly wrong. Big Mistake No. 1 led to the Iraqi insurgency. Big Mistake No. 2 could lead to a Middle East inflamed by Islamic revolution in spades.


During November 4-5, the Summit of the Americas will take place in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The following open letter to George W Bush from Alicia Castro, a member of the Argentinean parliament, was published today by the European Tribune.

(Translation by Migeru. The paragraph spacing is mine along with a few corrections of obvious typos in the translated text.)

With my highest regards
To the President of the United States of America
Mr. George W. Bush
Washington D. C.

Mister President:

A Member of Parliament of the Argentinean Nation, I am one of the 257 representatives of the Argentinean people in Parliament. The second time I got into the Chamber of Deputies half a million citizens voted for me, but I can guarantee that what I will be expressing to you in this letter represents the majority of the Argentinean people.

President Bush, we do not want you to come to our country. Maybe for diplomatic reasons, our Chancery will not have made you aware how reviled you are by our people. It is not simply that we disagree with your policies, but that you represent a danger to the democracies of South America.

Not long ago, at an OAS Summit where you defended interventionism, you dared to mention the name of José de San Martín in your speech. You must know that this father of our nation fought against imperialism and in favour of the unity of South America. The people of San Martin do not want you, Mr. Bush, because you represent neoimperialism, which like in the 19th century is an attempt to dominate regions by means of financial measures or armed actions.

We Argentineans know full well the consequences of the policies that you promote: our country, being immensely rich, was driven to misery by irresponsible leaders who followed each and every recipe of the International Monetary Fund. We know that international credit organizations are not neutral and respond to the policies of the United States.

Bolivar's prophecy is fulfilled: "the United States of America seems destined by providence to sow misery in Latin America". We Argentinians have nothing against the American people, but much against the government that has put the largest political and military might in the planet at the service of bloody ambition, which does not hesitate to annihilate lives to appropriate someone else's oil, to make money from arms trade and, moreover, to expand its most sinister industry: the one that reconstructs what you destroy.

You represent the decadence of Western values. Your people, which used not to tolerate lies in political practice, has to endure your having lied with a bold fade to the entire world regarding the existence of nuclear weapons in Iraq, in order to justify invasion.

The Nobel Peace Prize recently awarded to Mohamed ElBaradei, who revealed the existence of these deceptions, is an eloquent display of the importance that the international community attaches to Truth in the construction of Peace. The theory of "pre-emptive war", one of the distasteful novelties in your political discourse, places your government outside any known law and presently threatens concretely Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba, in sum, the whole world.

You threaten us, but you do not confound us. You do not fool us with your proclaimed "war on terrorism", while you practice state terrorism. This is borne out by the tortures at the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons, the distraught mothers of American soldiers taking part in the carnage of women and children in Iraq, and the advances to militarize and control our region. You are a terrorist protecting other terrorists such as Luis Posada Carriles, escaped from a Caracas prison and who, among other crimes, has confessed his authorship of the explosion, in 1976, of a Cuban airliner causing 73 deaths.

Spare us your undesirable presence. We do not share anything that can be debated at the Summit of the Americas, to be held the next 4 and 5 November in the city of Mar del Plata. No government supporting your policies could guarantee its own stability.

We the peoples of South America have already chosen. We choose Energy sovereignty: we want Petrosur; we need to recover our Food sovereignty, and for that, American companies must stop infecting our seeds with their pesticides and their trademarks; we reject your patents which leave our sick without a cure; we do not want your dangerous "Open Skies". Do not come here to promote the FTAA, we do not want your "free trade" from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, we choose our solidary and fair trade to complement and benefit the peoples of South America. We have already constituted the South America Confederation of Nations: larger and wealthier than the United States, which we shall unify following the ideals of San Martín, Bolivar, of O'Higgins, of Artigas, of Martí.

Your values, Mr. Bush, are not within our scale of values nor are your aims compatible with out principles. We have our own South Agenda: we foster a Latin American Monetary Fund, a South Bank, a great South University; we want to inform ourselves from the south and for the south. Disconnect already, the antennas of CNN and your international machinery of lies, spare us your crude conspiracies.

Your govennment, which rejected the Kyoto protocol, and your terrible management which drowned your own people in Neo Orleans, represents a concrete threat to the environment and to planet Earth. We South Americans are for the happiness, freedom and life of peoples, we are also for peace. You are on the side of war, of predation and of death.

Regarding practical matters, responsibly and as a national representative, I consider it evident that nobody could guarantee your safety in Argentina. Not yours, nor that of our citizens. Proof of this is that Argentina has suffered terrible terrorist attacks which remain unpunished and unsolved. Today terrorism travels on public transportation and the vengeful threat that you profess like a dogma, has already cost the lives of worker and users of public transport in Madrid and London, and has made unsafe such disparate places as Roma, Bali, Miami and New York.

I ask you in the name of the Argentinean people, that you spare us these risks; you could make yourself present at the Summit of the Americas through a tele-conference from Washington which, at the same time, would keep you safe from physical expressions of our repudiation of you.

Awaiting your response, I greet you with distinguished regards.

Alicia Castro
Member of Parliament of the Argentinean Nation

Pete wrote this song afer 9/11. He asked our daughter, Sarah Lee Guthrie and her husband Johnny Irion to record it. They did and it's on their new CD. Two weeks ago Sarah asked Pete if she could write a verse about Cindy Sheehan and Pete was delighted and is looking forward to hearing her new verse. I just wanted to share with all of you what I think is a very important song!
Here are his lyrics:

Dr. King
Words and music,
by Pete Seeger

Down in Alabama
Nineteen hundred fifty five
Not many of us here
Tonight were then alive

A young Baptist Preacher
Led a bus boycott
He showed the way
For a brand new day
Without firing a shot


Don’t say it can’t be done
The Battle’s just begun
Take it from Dr. King
You too can learn to sing
So, drop the gun!

Oh, those must have been exciting thirteen years
Young hero’s, young herons
There was laughter there were tears
Students at lunch counters
Even dancing in the streets
To think it all started
With Sister Rosa refusing to give up her seat


Songs, songs kept them goin’ and growin’
They didn’t realize the millions of seeds they were sowin’
They were singing in marches even singing in jail
Songs gave them to courage to believe they would not fail


Sing about Alabama nineteen hundred fifty five
Since 9/11 we wonder, will this world survive?
The world learned a lesson from Doctor King
We can survive, we can, WE WILL!

SO, WE SING……(chorus)

This song is on iTunes, search for Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion's CD titled, "Exploration." We should all be singing along with Pete again!

The PNAC IS THE SMOKING GUN. This has to come out in the media! It will be a part of Fitsgeralds investigation, along with the Downing Street Memos.

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