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Banks are seizing Soc Secuity, ERP, VETs payments, etc.

When a law was passed seemingly preventing this from occurring the banks included a loop-hole to make sure it could still occur.

Closing the Benefits Loophole

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Goes to show you how bad things have gotten in the US. The tent cities with thousands, or millions who have lost their homes is also proof.
There are foreigners who have broken through our borders, secured false or fraudulent I.D., and are holding jobs by the millions while regular citizens cannot get any job lots of times.
General Motors is selling the Hummer works to a Red Chinese Company, so where will the U.S. Troops get their spare parts and vehicle support, from Red China?!
Several reports state that Hillary Clinton tried to access the Katrina Flood victims' fund when she went over to Baghdad to supposedly hold a town meeting, but Treasury or other Gold Badges met her and informed her the funds had been moved. They were moved out of her reach so she cannot access them and use them any longer. If you ever wondered why so many Americans are displaced, consider that is just one example of victims who badly need that support money and it was over in the Iraq Bank, and such is an example of greed like we've never seen before.
This kind of spirit over America is bound to turn out badly as people wake up more every day to what's been done to this nation.

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