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Investigations: Cheney / 9/11

Very quietly I believe a “reckoning” process is gathering momentum. Slowly, oh so painfully slowly, a move toward investigations and accountability seems to be achieving a measure of possibility. Two recent events have sprung this hope in me: Senator Carl Levin’s denouncement of Cheney’s lies regarding memos “covered” by security classification, and on a much more subtle level, an interview with Richard Gage.

Levin, as you may know, has access to the memos Cheney and his daughter constantly use to “justify” the torture used by the past administration. He has now chosen to publicly pronounce Cheney (and by association Liz Cheney) a liar; there is NO evidence that torture memos gained any significant information or served to “protect” our country and its citizens.

Now we find ourselves engaged in a “he said/he said” situation, where both men had equal access to the contents of these memos. Considering the import of the knowledge claimed by Cheney, this strikes me as possible fuel to spark a call for an investigation into the matter. So Cheney’s desperate attempts to “cover his a**” and re-write the record of his administration have served to work against him. One has to remember that “light of day” is a welcome concept for those seeking truth, and at the same time a death knell for those who would conceal the truth. Just think of cockroaches scattering in the night when the kitchen light is turned on.

The Richard Gage interview, significantly on FOX news - KMPH, Fresno, is another incident of turning on the lights. I have studied the website and the evidence presented thereon regarding the probable use of explosives to bring down the THREE (yes three) World Trade Center buildings on 9/11. This evidence is compelling and easily, in my opinion, gives ample cause to call for an independent re-investigation of the events of that day, and the months leading up to it.

It’s one little interview, I know, but it appears on FOX news (though I hate putting those two words next to each other), and so it carries a little more reach to the general public than previous interviews he’s had on smaller stations, and more progressive stations. He also seemed to be convincing the woman on the FOX team with his revelations.

One of the largest battles for those of us who call for a re-investigation is to overcome the slanderous use of the label “truthers.” Just as the use of the word “liberal” became a curse word in the 1980s, so has this label condemned many who have sought to uncover covered-up events. Of course there are people who have more paranoiac propensities than others to whom the label might more justly be applied. But the manner of presentation by Gage and those connected with his efforts defies this sort of hushing up. When one follows his slide presentation on the website, and reads further articles by Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan and David Ray Griffin (for example), one is at the very LEAST left with questions; big questions – significant questions.

As a move toward investigating more about Cheney’s assertions gathers momentum, and as the in-depth scientific studies by Gage et al gain more public exposure, these two events may work together to put increased pressure to “get to work” on investigating. Will the present administration do this? I sincerely doubt it. Obama and AG Holder seem to have moved in lock-step with the cover-up policies of the Bush/Cheney administration. Obama’s good points seem to be increasingly drowned out by his bad ones. He is looking more and more like the depiction of a man with wonderful words, but words that become squelched by his eagerness to continue to bow to the corporate will – he SAYS, “move on,” but he really DOES “cover up.” If he keeps going in this direction, I daresay he may come to personally realize the meaning of T.S. Eliot's words from Prufrock: "I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker, and I have seen the eternal footman hold my coat, and snicker. And in short, I was afraid.”

No, I don’t believe Obama will investigate. Nor will Holder. The ball will have to be carried by a courageous senator(s) or congressperson(s). Or perhaps a prosecutor, following the prodding of Vincent Bugliosi, will take some action. Right now Carl Levin and Richard Gage are running with it. No matter who winds up taking it to the investigation stage, WE will have to continue and indeed step up our pressure for TRUE openness of government – PAST government as well as present and future government.

Thank you for your time,

Note: The only edits I made to this post were to correctly spell Senator Carl Levin's (D-MI) last name, and to code the links. ~Chip :)

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Dr David Ray Griffin pointed out that since 2001 the only investigations were carried out by agencies aligned with and employed by the Bush/Cheney administration, such as the NIST, and that their findings are in striking contrast with the results of independent researchers and experts, making an independent investigation essential to establish what really happened and who is behind 9/11 attacks, Click Here for RELATED high quality audio for the David Ray Griffin Event at Boston University, April 11, 2009, Now Available download or play audio (length is 74:30). Griffin's Boston Radio Interviews: Truth and Justice Radio, WZBC, Newton 90.3 FM, Sunday, March 29, 8:30 AM WMFO, Medford 91.5 FM, No U turn Radio, Tuesday, March 31 8:30 AM.

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