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Amnesty: Israel Repeatedly Breached Rules of War in Gaza

Amnesty: Israel repeatedly breached rules of war in Gaza
By Yossi Melman | Haaretz

Amnesty International has accused Israel of repeatedly violating the rules of armed conflict during its recent offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

"Israeli forces repeatedly breached the laws of war, including by carrying out direct attacks on civilians and civilian buildings and attacks targeting Palestinian militants that caused a disproportionate toll among civilians," the human rights watchdog said in its annual report.

The report states that 1,400 Palestinians were killed in the offensive - including 300 children - and that 5,000 people were wounded. The Israel Defense Forces, however, says 1,166 Palestinians were killed, the vast majority of whom were Hamas militants.

The report mentions Israel's stated goal in the 3-week campaign: The desire to stem rocket and mortar attacks by Palestinian militants on southern Israel. The report goes on to note that three Israeli civilians were killed during the operation, which was in December 2008 and January 2009, in addition to the seven Israeli civilians who were killed by Qassam rockets and other Palestinian attacks launched from Gaza in 2008.

According to the report, the hostilities erupted after suffering the consequences of an Israel-led blockade on the Gaza Strip for a year-and-a-half.

"The blockade throttled almost all economic life and led growing numbers of Palestinians to become dependent on international food aid; even terminally ill patients were prevented from leaving to obtain medical care that could not be provided by Gaza's resource- and medicine-starved hospitals," Amnesty said. Read more.

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does not give the whole story of why Israel bombed and invaded the Gaza terrority. Maybe, if it was your home and community that was the subject target of terrorist rocket attacks, as was the REAL case for many Israeli families, I beleive you would try to put an end to the preplanned attacks from the terrorist in Gaza. If them or anyone else was responsible, keep in mind, if it was your home and neighborhood.
After several years of diplomatic efforts to stop the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip area. After several years, and warnings from the Isareli government, The terrorist in the Gaza area, as well as the governing party of the Gaza region, ignored Israel's requests, as well as the warnings.
I personally don't know of anyone who would just cowar down and do nothing if they were victims in this case.
Hamas, and what ever Palestinian government that is there, basically said, and did not make an attempt to stop the rocket attacks. Israel did exactly what I or anyone I know would have done. Try to stop the rocket attacks.
Let's examine some of the FACTS that were not commented on also. Hamas was well aware of the conquesences would be if they ignored Israel's pleas for their assistance.
It was Hamas who chose to hide behind the people of Gaza and use them as human shields. Hamas knew that many of the citizens where put in harms way, they did it to these people.
Hamas chose to put rocket launchers next door too, and in some cases a part of a school or daycare, or medical facatilies. It was Hamas's decision to expose the people to harm, not Israel.
Israel went out of their way in my opinion to advise the people of Gaza that these chosen sites were going to be under attack. Hamas apparently chose to keep the citizens on the front lines for Hamas's protection.
And to take the stated results by the Terrorist Organization itself, of the destruction and death tolls CAUSED by Hamas's decisions to allow these results to happen, and then blame the results on Israel, is pure ludicraus at it's best.
And to think that someone would actually state that Israel is the bad guy, When it was Hamas driving the train.
The much needed supplies, medical supplies, food, etc. was apparently not a concern of Hamas. I'm sure in my mind, that Hamas had made arrangements to have their needed supplies available, for Hamas that is.
For propoganda purposes, which was probably a large part of Hamas' plan from the git-go, I truely beleive that Hamas themselves purposely put civilians, women and children in direct harm's way. The more deaths they could say were the result of Israeli fire, is what they were looking for. As a matter of results, they got what they asked for, in more ways than we can imagine.
This is another man's opinion of what happened in Gaza. I'm sure that there are many other opinions. The results will stay the same in Gaza though. But REAL FACTS will continue to be almost impossible to know. Terrorist Organizations don't have a reputation for trufulness. They can't survive on it.

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