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Sacramento Taking Up Troops-Home Resolution This Evening

Hello fellow Bravehearts!

For months now, the Sacramento Coalition to End the War has worked to draft a resolution for the Sacramento City Council to adopt. The Resolution would require President Bush and Congress to implement a plan that would bring the troops home in a rapid and comprehensive manner. Sacramento for Democracy has been a part of that Coalition. Perhaps you have received emails from other groups about TONIGHT'S CITY COUNCIL MEETING; as well, it has been posted on our website.

After an initial version was presented to the City Council earlier this year, a series of meetings with individual Council members took place, but a necessary momentum was never achieved -- the idea of the Resolution remained in an ongoing limbo. It was not until August, when the combined events of the protests in Crawford with Cindy Sheehan and the catastrophe of Katrina, did the message of the Resolution come into clear focus. Soon after, Councilmember Lauren Hammond agreed to sponsor the item --- so that it could be put on the agenda at TONIGHT'S City Council meeting. The combined work of the Coalition, along with Council members Hammond and Ray Tretheway, has resulted in the "Hammond-Tretheway" Resolution, and will be considered at tonight's meeting!

YOUR PRESENCE IS NEEDED! Please ---- we ask that the community fill the council chambers to encourage the mayor and council members to pass the resolution, and as Dave Tamayo from PUBS (People United for a Better Sacramento) says: Make its passage a foregone conclusion! We know that the City Council should make this statement on behalf of the people of Sacramento because they know the war is not only morally wrong, but also because they represent the vast majority of Sacramentans who are strongly opposed to this war, and because the war drains resources and lives from our community. Coming after the month that has been the deadliest for U.S. forces (since Jan) and following a week where indictments pertaining to the lies of the war were issued, it is both appropriate and timely that we should confront this matter with resolve. How much will ever be too much, if it isn't already?

NEWSFLASH: Maggie Coulter has just informed us that she did a quick interview with the right-wing radio station, KFBK, asking about the meeting! ----EVEN MORE REASON TO SHOW UP!!

DATE: Tuesday, November 1, 2005

TIME: 7pm (a note on the agenda below)

PLACE: City Hall, (new addition) 1st floor, 915 I ("eye") Street, Sacramento (behind the old City Hall)
Free parking on the street after 6pm.

We need five votes to get the resolution passed and join other cities across the country (such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco) which have passed similar resolutions. For further info: 916-456-4840 or We thank you for all your support and hard work during the special election --- remember, many of us volunteering our time for Arnold's defeat feel strongly about our opposition to this war, including local leaders in the fight: both Bill Camp from the Sacramento Central Labor Council and Rick Wathen, Regional Director of the Alliance for a Better CA, SEIU 1000, and Chair of the Sacramento County Democratic Central Committee, have endorsed this resolution before the City Council.

Voice your support: send an email or phone your Councilmember and Mayor Fargo -- Let them know you want them to vote for the resolution that will be introduced by Councilmembers Hammond and Tretheway. Let's get Sacramento on the list of cities like S.F., Philly, and Chicago that have passed similar resolutions.

Mayor Heather Fargo; 808-5300

District 1, Ray Tretheway; (916) 808-7001
District 2, Sandy Sheedy; (916) 808-7002
District 3, Steve Cohn; (916) 808-7003
District 4, Robert Fong; (916) 808-7004
District 5, Lauren Hammond; (916) 808-7005
District 6, Kevin McCartys :; (916) 808-7006
District 7, Robbie Waters; (916) 808-7007
District 8, Bonnie J. Pannell; (916) 808-7008

A note on the agenda: Although we have been scheduled to come up later on the agenda, we must be prepared for the possibility that the item could come up anytime. Typically, the meetings run from 7pm, and end up to 11pm. We are advising everyone to show up and fill out the form for speaking on this item (usually resembling a postcard). That way if people leave, the council will know that they were there in support. If it's later in the program and you have the time, take a break, have a bite and come back, or bring that magazine article you've been meaning to finish. If it's early on, you'll be there and we'll be done early. Either way....


Karen Bernal

Below, the "Hammond - Tretheway" Resolution:


WHEREAS, the United States of America carried out an invasion of Iraq based upon the claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, and therefore posed an immediate threat to the security of the United States and still no evidence has been found that Iraq possessed such weapons or the capability to deploy them; and

WHEREAS, the war and military occupation of Iraq, according to the Department of Defense, have cost the lives of over 2,000 U.S. troops, as well as wounding and disabling over 15,000 troops. Iraqi civilian deaths are estimated at over 100,000 men, women and children; and

WHEREAS, we recognize the courage of the over 1 million American military personnel, including city staff and many residents of the City of Sacramento, who have served in the war in Iraq. They have faced extraordinary danger and have made huge sacrifices in this war; we now want them to come home because bringing them home is the best means of protecting them and the interest of our nation; and

WHEREAS, Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated in August of this year, "the reality is that we're losing in Iraq,



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