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Mobilize for November 2nd!

The World Can't Wait -- Drive Out the Bush Regime! Mobilize for November 2nd! 866-973-4463

Join Ed Begley Jr, Esther Kaplan, Casey Kasem, Harold Pinter, Gore Vidal,
Saul Williams, academics, artists, writers, activists performers, and 5000+
others in signing the World Can't Wait Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime!

Read statements from signers for the call to Drive Out The bush Regime.
Is the Bush Regime self-destructing? Indictments? or Not? As of this
writing, it appears Karl Rove --much less Cheney-- will NOT be indicted in
the CIA leak case, but the press is reporting Scooter Libby, an underling,
has been. From the World Can't Wait website:

"Is the Bush regime actually in trouble? Yes, definitely. Does that mean
that it is no longer powerful and dangerous? No, in a very real sense, it is
all the more dangerous and determined, and will bring about more and even
greater horrors, until it is driven out. And no investigations, or even
indictments, are going to change this, in and of themselves. In fact, there
is a way in which the growing scandals, difficulties and, yes, real crises
of the Bush regime can contribute to something good, but that is if, and
only if, they are recognized as illustrating, all the more strikingly, the
need to, and the basis to, drive out this regime--and if they are seized on
to build, ever more powerfully, a movement of massive resistance to do just
that, beginning in a big way on November 2 (the first anniversary of Bush's
"re-election"). Read more of this analysis of the speech Bush gave Tuesday
to military spouses.

1 day to the Beginning of the End of the Bush Regime! The success of
November 2nd is in your hands. Which future we get is up to us.

a.. Email this to 10-20 friends and co-workers right now, asking them to
b.. Hook up with the World Can't Wait Chapter in your area or, if there
isn't one in your area, start organizing where you are now.
c.. Sign the Call for the World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime and
get on our email list today.
Join us in daring to do the unprecedented - the world truly cannot wait!
Debra Sweet

DONATE NOW. GIVE ALL YOU CAN. Checks payable to World Can't Wait. Send to
address below, or give online. Contributions of $100 or more are tax

On behalf of the
National Office of Refuse & Resist!
305 Madison Ave., Suite 1166
NY, NY 10165
Tel: 212.713.5657

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this government cannot be order, to get sanity back Cheney and Rumsfeld have to is the only way we can stop these guys from greater disaster for us...the cabal is too strong...they are making us all war criminals....We have to stop focusing on Bush who is a useless human being...and focus on Cheney and Rummy as our first step. Maybe, even offer to cut a deal with Bush...if he co-operates and gets rid of these guys for the good of the country,,,,the world.

I totally agree with you....there is WAY TO MUCH attention on Bush by opponents of this administration. It is quite probable that this DIMWIT was specifically chosen for his ineptness by those that knew they would actually be calling all the shots.

Then they would always have a "Charlie McCarthy" doll to put out on stage to deal with the public.

After hearing Col. Wilkerson speak several different times, I am starting to be convinced that Bush is the stooge for his own criminal cabinet

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