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Bad Times In Deed – Installment #4:  Times, Times, Times, See What’s Become of You


By David Michael Green

“Perhaps it's the result of my having worked as a correspondent in the Soviet Union for a few years, but I think there's a strong case that excessive government secrecy leads to waste and abuse, and that an aggressive press improves the effectiveness of intelligence agencies in the long run.


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It's Americans like you will save this great country of ours. Keep up the excellent work of reporting the facts.

From the start I have been opposed to the war in Iraq, primarily because it violates international law--we failed in many of the criteria for a "just war". Going to war on the bases of one piece of evidence was not sound policy and unprecedented in the history of this country. The UN inspectors had not finished their job and Bush kicked them out of Iraq by insisting on his "pre-emptive war" which was not pre-emptive but rather aggressive.
Thank God some legal evidence has come to light to unseat Bush. The constitution has the articles of impeachment clause precisely for this reason, to get rid of an unqualified president who has mislead the country and guided the nation on a path of error. If ever in our history a situation meets the requirements of impeachment, it is now.
Joan Joy

Thank you David Green,

Keep the heat on.
The fog of war will burn off-- sooner than later we hope.
I won't cross my fingers for the New York Times. I am profoundly disappointed by the Times enabling the neo-cons.

This presidency brought down the New York Times.

Keep on bloggin' and rock on, Dr. Green.

Why? Why Are they destroying my country and yours too? Think about our children and grand children. The greatest country in the history of the world is gone.
“We need always to demand adherences to the built-in checks and balances in our government's separation of powers. We need always to build a politically smarter, less trusting, better-educated, and more active population. It is our task as a free society to ensure that our politicians take America in a responsible, constructive, and honorable direction.
If our free society does not exercise its power over the government, the government will usurp power, justify its actions as being in the best interest of the people, and systematically take away the freedoms we enjoy. It is the nature of organized power.
Our leaders will lie to the public if they feel comfortable and will rationalize it as operating in the best interest of the people. We can never let them feel comfortable with lying. That is our responsibility and also that of the much-maligned press, who can be the leeches, but they also protect our rights. America’s leader’s must be constantly reminded for whom they work.
America’s citizens must also be careful not to be manipulated by politicians. The politicians and military are particularly adept at using patriotism as a tool to serve their personal objectives, which may not necessarily be in the best interest of the United States. The Vietnam War taught the American public the fallibility of its most powerful leaders and their inclination to deceive the public if it suited their purpose. Our country was easily deceived in Vietnam. The politicians deceived themselves.

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