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Is this for real? If it is I feel great empathy for the victims which are the planet and the people who make their living from the earth. Chris Dorsey, RVA4Peace

to copy a Very Long note my bro sent to a friend of mine who accused me of hating Jews because I shared some info like above. Am posting to help others who are sort of caught off-guard when being accused of being against Jews when we are not.

Here's lil brother - (I'm so proud!)

Re-read your first post to Rain where you accused her of caring more about violence against a Baptist church than a Jewish synagogue. I can tell you for certain that she doesn’t, nor do I.

She is against ALL violence. Personally, I think that there are some folks in this world that could benefit from a bullet in the head. But then I am not, perhaps, as spiritual as she.

I’ve been to Israel (and absolutely fell in love with the place and the people) and I know the difference between the Jewish people – in and out of Israel – and the Israeli government. That said are you implying that you don’t support the Israeli government policies toward the Palestinians? Somehow I find that difficult to believe.

In Israel, I saw beautiful wedding ceremonies and music and stayed on a kibbutz and saw people weeping in solemn prayerfulness at the wall. And I also saw 50 people lined up against a wall the in midday August desert sun being interrogated for hours because they were a descendant of the wrong son of Abraham.

Just as I know the difference between the slim majority of Americans who care about justice and the rule of law and the relatively fewer ignorant, cowardly, knuckle dragging thugs who would throw the Bill of Rights under the bus and follow a torturing strongman to keep us safe and “free”.

I seriously doubt any federal stats you cite about violence perpetrated against Jews versus Arabs are based on per capita numbers and not overall statistics. You know very well that Jews in this country represent a larger proportion of the population. But regardless, I am no supporter of racism towards anybody so it’s a moot point.

All human beings have some form of racism, even if it’s subconscious. It is biological. We are hard-wired to fear and mistrust what we don’t know. We have less empathy for people who we fail to identify with…people who we see as demonstrably different from ourselves in some way.

There are people who embrace racist ideologies, people who derive some pleasure in feeling superior due to those “differences” and there are those who are blessed enough to have the capacity to feel empathy for people who are less sympathetic…say for Palestinians or Gitmo detainees or Iranians or Jews or illegal aliens.

There are people in the world who use the violence perpetrated by a few people to justify wholesale atrocities against those “savages” or “terrorists” completely ignoring their own savagery and terrorism.

And there are people like myself who understand full well that in all of us is the capacity for racism and we have all in our lives been perpetrators of racism and some of us strive harder than others to uncover deeper and deeper levels of fearfulness and when found we address them in the light of day with empathy, especially for the least powerful or celebrated among us, and with full humility of the knowledge of our own short comings.

This humility is usually entirely missing in any conversation with the hawkish, wingnut, pro torture crowd. There is a complete lack of empathy and self-searching regarding the horrors they advocate and perpetrate…often with a certain ghoulish glee.

How can we have a real conversation about Daniel Pearl and bus bombings in Jerusalem and 9/11 and terrorism in general without ever even acknowledging our use of cluster-bombs and depleted uranium bombs and white phosphorous and agent orange and without acknowledging the chemical weapons we sold to Saddam and the way we vetoed attempts by the UN to even protest the use of those weapons against civilians as being terrorist itself?

You asked me, “Are you justifying attacks on American Jewish houses of worship based on the actions of [the government of] Israel?” Well let me turn it around on you. Are you justifying the bulldozing and bombing of entire neighborhoods, city blocks full of residential housing, bombing of hospitals and schools, and the complete blockade and starving to death of an entire country based in the actions of [individuals located in] Palestine?

You said, “Israel did X, Y, and Z so lets condone attacks on some American civilians including children in a synagogue. Pretty violent stuff Shane, pretty violent.”

Are you kidding me? What in my post gave you the impression that I condone bombing of synagogues? Nice straw man…but screw you. Go to hell.

You said, “It is a very bigoted thing to associate an attack, whether engineered by FBI as a sting or not, on a synagogue with "war crimes the Israeli government has been perpetrating" dare you.”

Please elaborate on how they are different. The tone of that comment is that it is somehow better, more excusable for a government to commit war crimes than it is for individuals, spurred on by government agents, to carry out a plan to commit murders. If anything, war crimes committed by a government are far MORE heinous and have much more far reaching consequences for society.

I tell you what…I’ll look at my post again and see if I can find where I advocated violence against Jews and supported bigotry…and you spend a half hour meditating on what lengths you would go to if a foreign government sealed off the borders of Richmond and slowly starved your kids to death and bombed your neighbors homes and purposely shot unarmed people and refused medical care for multiple hours as they slowly bled to death in front of their parents.

See if you can put yourself in the shoes of a little 10 year old girl who plays with a bright colored piece of plastic in the rubble of what used to be her neighborhood only to find out it is an unspent cartridge from a cluster bomb when it blows her arm off. See if you can imagine the horror of her mother experiences as her daughter comes running in missing a limb and slowly bleeds to death in front of her.

When you’ve done that I will listen to you defend Israel or the US war or torture policies. Then you can tell me all about how rough it is being Jewish, or how violent or bigoted I am and I will give you the time of day. Until then, go climb a tree.

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