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Redemption For The Media

Alexandra Walker

There's no shortage of backward-looking analysis explaining how the press betrayed the public trust during the run-up to the Iraq war. And such finger-pointing is undeniably important. It helps us understand how so many were misled and hopefully prevents similar duping in the future, as Judith Miller and others are called out for their shoddy journalism. However, It's also refreshing to see someone issue a challenge to the media regarding its present coverage of matters related to Iraq, as Sydney Schanberg does in this week's Village Voice.

Schanberg writes:

--The core of the CIA leak case is the Iraq war. As the press goes about unraveling it, none of us should lose sight of whence it sprung. The war is why the case is important.

--The special prosecutor must proceed, appropriately, to deal with the crimes he has cited so far in the case—perjury, obstruction, false witness. But the press has a different job ahead: to probe deeper into and explain how these charged felonies were the direct offspring of the Bush administration's attempt to cover up falsehoods and distortions it told the American public and Congress to scare them into supporting the war. The press's obligation to the public now is to aggressively revisit and brush the cobwebs from those lies, while people are paying better attention than they did during President Bush's selling of the war. [emphasis mine]

I think there are some initial signs that the press is taking more seriously the evidence that the White House "fixed the facts" to suit its policy of pre-emptive war against Iraq. I've even seen mainstream outlets use just that phrasing, which readers know originated in the Downing Street Memo. So, now that the Fitzgerald investigation has uncovered more proof of the Bush administration's single-minded obsession with hyping the WMD threat, will the media report it? We're watching. And reading. And listening.


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) The PNAC provides the leadership for US domination of the Mideast for Israel's security.
2) The MSM supports US domination of the Mideast for Israel's Benefit.
3) Therfore, the MSM will never educate the public about who is behind this war and why. The MSM will continue to be the mouthpiece for neocon cabal propaganda. US soldiers will continue to die in a misguided attempt for US world domination masquerading as defense of the USA.
4) Beyond Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice, how many Americans do you think have any idea who Wolfowitz, Perle, Frum, Feith, Zakheim, Kagan, Kristol, Luti, Wurmser, Edelman, Padhoertz and Kraithammer are or what they have written and said? How Many Americans have any idea of what the Office of Special Plans is, or what the WHIG is; what they did and who was in them? Not many! Unless you know what these people and many clandestine organizations in this administration have been doing and saying for years before 9/11, you don't understand why Iraq was invaded.You are then left with only the propaganda of the administration and MSM to keep you informed, that is to keep you in the dark. Don't hold your breath for the MSM to give you the truth; the MSM czars are part of the neocon cabal.

I can understand those who were terrorized by this administration and the republican party into supporting going to war, and there were millions fooled including our democratic representatives. What I will not condone is if they continue supporting them after the smoking gun outing. After a while Bush,Chaney and the republicans did not hide they were transperent in their tactics and clear about their motives. Let's stop them now. Starting with their little new addition Bloomberg who has the potential of turning New York City into a republican stomping ground.

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