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Conyers: Thanks for Signing Letter

By Congressman John Conyers

Dear Friend:

Thank you for signing the Downing Street Minutes letter to the president. I personally delivered your letter to the White House last Thursday.

Your participation in this issue has made a difference. The mainstream media has been very slow to report on this British Intelligence document claiming that evidence was being "fixed" to support the lead up to war against Iraq.

Yet, neither the media nor President Bush could ignore the massive groundswell of interest demonstrated by the more than 560,000 individuals who joined you in signing this letter.

On Thursday, I led a hearing about the Downing Street Minutes to receive testimony from former Ambassador Joe Wilson, 27-year CIA veteran Ray McGovern, constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz, and Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in Iraq.

Despite desperate attempts by Republicans to disrupt the proceedings, 32 Members of Congress attended this hearing. We were forced to use a cramped room in the basement of the Capitol little bigger than a closet, even though plenty of larger hearing rooms were available. The Republican Leadership also scheduled votes for nearly two straight hours in an unprecedented attempt to limit the ability of Democratic Members of Congress to participate in this hearing.

Thanks to your help, and the more than 560,000 individuals who signed this letter, the mainstream media felt compelled to cover this event. The room was packed with television cameras and there was significant coverage in national newspapers and radio networks. After the hearing I hand delivered the list of signatures along with a letter to the president signed by 122 Members of Congress demanding answers, and led a rally outside the White House.

We still have much more to do to make President Bush answer the questions raised by the Downing Street Minutes. Much work remains for us to bring this issue to the attention of all Americans.

Visit my website at to find out what additional steps we are taking and how you can help on this issue of vital constitutional importance.

Please forward this email to friends who want to sign the letter to the president and help get the truth out.

Congressman John Conyers, Jr.


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We all owe a debt of gratitude to Congressman Conyers. If he were to become a candidate for the Presidency of this great country, I'd quit my jobs to join his campaign. I'd walk door to door in the foulest weather and tell people that what we need in this country is common sense, high ethical standards, and a strong leader. Congressman Conyers, I think you represent every that is right about America. And by right I of course mean:

"They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights"; "Certain rights can never be granted to the government but must be kept in the hands of the people"; "a right is not something that somebody gives you; it is something that nobody can take away"

On-line dictionary

Thank you for speaking for the millions of Americans who just want to kiss their children goodnight and make love to their chosen mate and get a good night sleep; knowing that everyone in the world is feed and housed and free to live their lives to their fullest potential.

Sue Ann Colvin
Portland, Oregon

Congressmen Conyers, Thanks to you and your fellow citizens for pursuing this issue. Now
we need to put pressure on Senator's Roberts and Rockerfeller on the Intelligence Committee
to hold hearings on how this could happen.
After reading Ray McGovern's comments on how
the CIA was compromised,we need an investigation immediately and it must be bi-
partisen.How do we go about doing this? Senator Roberts said himself that if this
information was known at the time he doubted that Congress would have approved going to war.
How can we hold him to his words. He also
promised hearings on intelligence after the
election but nothing has come of it. It was
definitely a stall tactic by him and the Bush
Administration to prevent this information
from coming out to the american electorate.
Where is Senator Rockerfeller voice in this?
He is the ranking Democrat on the committee.
How can he sit idley buy and not say anything?
Thanks for listening! Jim Norton Charlotte NC

Congressmen Conyers, I have some questions for you regarding the delivery of the petition to the White House.

I have heard that you were STOPPED at the gates, had the petition/letter taken from you by guards, and the petition/letter vanished into the White House without you.

A) Was a US Congressman REALLY stopped at the gates to the White House?
B) Is there any proof or confirmation that Bush even saw this petition along with the signatures or is it wishful thinking on your part?
C) Since it's been weeks since 89 US Democrats signed onto your letter asking the "questions" regarding this memo, is there any legal recourse with Congress since it's clear that the WH is simply refusing to answer?

Thanks and good luck.

Mr. Conyers,

Thank you for standing up and speaking for the American people against the Bush Administration and it's lies. You make me proud to be an American, there should be more heroes like you in politics.

As the editor of a web-based magazine, know that we are working hard to spread the word that the major media outlets refuse to cover, as are so many others. Keep standing up for us and know you have our support.

Many Blessings and Thank you again.

Sherlyn Meinz
Springfield, VT

I agree wholeheartedly with MS. Sherlyn Meinz.
Please keep after this issue. We need to know the truth about what this administration is up to.

Thank you again.


The Dowing Street Memo was just payment for Kofi's Oil for Food Memo which emberrassed the moron a couple of days before. Same thing with Bush's record. UN screwing around in intelligence (and no California Quakers!).

Rockers are just made by Kofi like everybody else.

Conyers sped up the Bolton Nomination by agreeing with UN intelligence work that is the Dowing Street Memo. Kofi got the Oil for Food Memo the day before.

Same thing with Bush's record.

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