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Kristof Again Presses Cheney to Explain or Resign

By E&P Staff

NEW YORK Nicholas Kristof, the New York Times columnist who had long been skeptical of criminal wrongdoing in the Plame/CIA leak case, continued pressing Vice President to come clean in his Tuesday column. He had first made this plea in his Saturday column.

"So, Mr. Cheney, tell us what happened," Kristof writes today. "If you're afraid to say what you knew, and when you knew it, then you should resign."

He notes, "Five lawyers I've consulted all agree that there is no compelling legal reason why you should not discuss the situation....As it is, you're pleading 'no contest' in the court of public opinion, and that's painful for all of us who want to believe in the integrity of our government."

He then lists a series of specific questions Cheney ought to answer, including:

--Did you ask Libby to undertake his inquiries about Ambassador Joseph Wilson?

--Why did you independently ask the C.I.A. for information about the Wilsons?

--Did you know that Wilson's wife was a covert officer? "The indictment states that you knew she worked in the C.I.A.'s counter- proliferation division," Kristof observes." You would think that anyone as steeped in intelligence issues as you are would know that meant she worked in the Directorate of Operations and was perhaps a spook's spook."

--Did you advise Libby to leak information about Mrs. Wilson's work in the C.I.A. to journalists?

--When Libby made his statements in the inquiry - allegedly committing perjury - were you aware of what he was saying? "Mr. Libby rode to work with you almost every morning," Kristof notes, "but this topic never came up?"



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We need more commentators like Mr. Kristoff to speak out. Why has the press taken so long to wake up?

About time, Mr. Kristof. We've been waiting for the NY Times to develop a backbone in relation to the Bush Regime's vile doings instead of running scared by the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. However, I recently saw an journalistic awards ceremony on C-SPAN which lionized Judith Miller to no end, and awarded her. She betrayed all that is sanctified in the field of journalism by acting as a conscious participant in decieving the public about the war in Iraq.She also abetted a coverup of abuses by those in the White House who are now either indicted or under investigation for lies and deceit regarding the outing of a CIA operative who was involved in COUNTERTERRORISM! Judith Miller's specialty. Shameful, and a disservice to the security of the American People. She ought to be fired, and pronto. Mr. Kristof should spare us the kudos to her, she is a toady for the White House, and a total embarassment to journalism and should be remembered as such.

He was in charge for planning this war and when his nuclear lies were exposed by Ambassador Joe Wilson,Cheney personally participated
in the criminal campaign to destroy Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie.He refuses to take responsabity and his chief of staff gets the blame for covering his lies.He has refused to turn over the documents on why this war was started and under what pretences.
If he has nothing to hide, then why not? He should be fired by Bush.

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