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No! This Regime Does Not Represent Us!

Posted by: Captain on Monday, October 31, 2005 - 03:42 PM
No! This Regime Does Not Represent Us!
by Gerry Deiter

PEJ News - On Nov. 2, the first anniversary of Bush's "re-selection," people in 67 cities, at 43 colleges and universities, and 90 high schools (at last count) will leave work and school and gather in the city centers to declare No! This Regime Does Not Represent Us! and to launch a movement to drive Bush from power.

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67 CITIES, 45 CAMPUSES, 90 HIGH SCHOOLS - RED STATE & BLUE: In the four months since the WCW call was issued, chapters have been formed in 53 cities, with demonstrations taking place in another 14; students at 43 colleges and universities will be participating; and there are 90 high schools where significant numbers of students will take part.

The 34 statesnow covered are an equal mix of blue and red.

Demonstrations are being held in the usual places: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, Portland, Madison, Seattle, but also in Norfolk, Virginia; Burlington, Vermont; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Hood River, Oregon; Boone, North Carolina; Great Falls, Montana; and Springfield, Missouri.

KATRINA SURVIVORS WILL DEMONSTRATE IN NEW ORLEANS and they're calling on those displaced from the Gulf to join actions in other cities. Miami organizers will hold a protest despite the recent hurricane; people in Franklin, NH will converge at a softball field; students at Roberto Clemente High in Chicago will walk out; fraternities at Hampton University, Virginia which took part in the recent Millions More March in Washington, DC have organized a demonstration.

ENDORSERS: Harold Pinter, Jane Fonda, Gore Vidal, Cornel West, Russell Banks, Eve Ensler, Jonathan Kozol, Studs Terkel, Cindy Sheehan, Howard Zinn, Edward Asner, Ed Begley, Jr., Kate Clinton, Sam Hamill, Leland Yee (Speaker Pro Tem, CA State Assembly), Tom Ammiano (SF Board of Supervisors), Deborah Glick (NY State Assembly), former US diplomat Ann Wright, Michael Eric Dyson, Cal. State Assemblyman Mark Leno (author of gay marriage bill), Not
In Our Name, ACT UP, Code Pink, Progressive Democrats of America; musicians Anti-flag, Grammy Award Winning Ozomatli, Axis of Justice, the Hip Hop Caucus, Saul Williams, Boots Riley, Steve Earle, Kathleen Hanna and Jd Sampson (Le Tigre), Rickie Lee Jones, Casey Kasem, Tom Morello, Outernational - and thousands more.

HOWARD ZINN, MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, OZOMATLI, CULTURE CLASH, BOOTS RILEY, SUHEIR HAMMAD, and JESSICA BLANK, have recorded World Can't Wait RADIO ADS; the campaign has been covered on stations across the country including Air America, Pacifica stations, and NY's HOT 97 Radio; Anti-Flag has contributed an exclusive track to "Welcome to 1984"; WCW has been featured on websites including Michael Moore's, Afterdowningstreet, and the Millions More Movement, as well as on the marquee of Oakland's Grand Lake Theater; Calls to join have been issued by clergy, educators, lawyers, poets, parents, conservative businessmen, veterans, Black law students, and people in the "heartland."

SPEAKERS ON NOV 2 INCLUDE CINDY SHEEHAN, New York State Senator Tom Duane, Michael Ratner, Jody Evans of Code Pink, Esther Kaplan, Lynne Stewart, representatives of ACT-UP, Veterans for Peace, Pitzer College Dean of Faculty Alan Jones, co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace Bill Mitchell, SF Supervisor Chris Daly, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, San Francisco Labor Council Executive Director Tim Paulson and many others.

YOUTH AND STUDENTS are stepping out despite threats and warnings; the Campus Anti War Network C.A.N endorsed WCW and is mobilizing for Nov 2; students at UW Madison state: "We will no longer omplacently and apathetically enjoy our "liberal" enclave, we will confront the challenge that is before us;" a leaked Oct 26 internal memo on Nov 2 from the LA Unified School District instructed staff, "do not attempt to prevent students from leaving the campus."

A QUICKENING PACE AND NEW TENOR TO RESISTANCE: WCW organizers joined the anti-Minuteman demonstration in Chicago and anti-war protests across the country, and initiated anti-torture actions at Hunter College (NYC), UCLA, and UC Berkeley where torture theorist John Yoo was confronted by protesters wearing orange jumpsuits and held on a leash. They challenged Yoo, "Take the leash. Take responsibility." Yoo did not take the leash, said nothing, and left his classroom.

Attorney Michael Ratner said such anti-torture protests should happen on every campus; KPFA host Dennis Bernstein introduced the youth protestors as heroes after they disrupted Yoo's class.

WCW ENCAMPMENT IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE begun October 13 has held days to protest crimes against humanity, a "No Theocracy Day" with anti-Bush clergy, joined with Cindy Sheehan at the die in response to the 2,000th death of US military personnel in Iraq, and held a "Vets and Families Speak Out at the White House Gates Against the Iraq War."

* * *
Voices of conscience speak out:

GORE VIDAL: "that 70 percent who are beginning to grasp just what is going on join together in a popular movement dedicated to ending pre-emptive wars and restoring the nation . . . Join the demonstrations this Wednesday, November 2, to launch a movement to drive out the Bush regime."

HOWARD ZINN: "I see the November 2nd action as something really important, [that] might be a turning point in the development of a student movement and then a national movement to change the direction in which the country has been going. I don't think the world can wait, I don't think the nation can wait, I don't think history can wait."

BOOTS RILEY: "November 2nd. No Work. No School. We're going to march...We have to stop this now. If we don't, we will be forced to accept it. The future we get is up to us."

CINDY SHEEHAN on November 2: "It makes a lot of difference. We cannot let them continue to make us believe that our voices don't make a difference."

RETIRED ENGINEER FROM WILSONVILLE, OREGON: We now must face the terrible fact that we are ruled by a regime that claims a mandate to do as they please, when in fact they represent an illegitimate and criminal tyranny over us."

LA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT: I say RESIST OR DIE! On November the second. Tickets or no tickets, suspensions or no suspensions, Get out to the streets no matter what. Do not be intimidated by anyone. This will be a struggle but it will get done. "That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn - or be forced -to accept." Will you accept

FORMER KERRY VOTER: "I finally understood that what we were doing, and what needed to be done, was different from what had been done before."

2 STUDENTS FROM AN ALL GIRL CATHOLIC SCHOOL IN NYC: "We are living in dangerous times and its important to take action regardless of how old you are. By participating in November 2 walk out, we will show our power. We are the future and the future is at hand."

yesterday (October 26), but the blogger was in the slammer!

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