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With one click you can automatically send your personal message concerning appointment of a special prosecutor, to investigate and pursue indictments for the Bush war crimes, to the Department of Justice, President Obama, your US senators, your representative in Congress, and a newspaper of choice (optional). Click here or the 'Appoint a Special Prosecutor' link below the following quoted text to load a form page that provides the service I've described. Please then fill out the form fields and send your message to your government officials now. In addition, for the good of our nation (and the world), please disseminate this message to others.

Thank you.

A Special Prosecutor Is Who Needs To See The New Torture Pictures

The big fuss this week was President Obama's total turnaround on releasing the new torture pictures. Despite stating that they were "not particularly sensational," in the next breath he argued that releasing them would put our troops at greater risk, two statements which when combined make no logical sense.

What's really going on here is that Obama has so far resisted in every possible way his duty under the law to appoint a special prosecutor, despite his affirmation that waterboarding is torture, and the arrogant public confessions of those who ordered that torture. Having underestimated the furor for prosecution that the previous release of the torture memos would cause at home, Obama now well knows that these pictures would just increase that pressure.

So we say give the pictures to a special prosecutor, who can then show them to a grand jury. That's who really needs to see them. Obama said long ago, "Make me do it." We don't need more pictures to do that, we KNOW what they did, we just need to keep speaking out about it.

The one click form at the link below will send your personal message to each of your government representatives, the Justice Department, and President Obama, with the subject "Appoint A Special Prosecutor For Torture Now." At the same time you can send your personal comments only as a letter to the editor of your nearest local daily newspaper if you like.

Appoint a Special Prosecutor


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