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Is Impeachment the Answer?

By Robert Parry

Washington pundits are showering George W. Bush with advice on how to “restart


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If a mechanic works on my car, takes 6 months to do the repair and when he finishes it the car is undriveable and still needs the origional repair done, I sure as hell wont take my car back to that mechanic to make it right. I hold the same attitude toward government. Bush has had 5 years now to get it right. He is busily (bizzyly) rushing about "fixing" things that don't need fixing (ie SS) and proving to the world that there is an incompetent boob in the White House. He isn't going to get it right. Ever. We need to "take" our government elsewhere for repair.

There is no single way. Bush needs to be impeached, his cronies need to be indicted and their policies need to be discredited. Moreover, Americans need some serious sole searching for the part they have played in this.

Bush got to the Whitehouse through a combination of chicanery and ignorance. Not only did the Neo-cons subvert the system to install their man; but plenty of rank and file Republicans and conservatives helped too. Even the Democrats and liberals helped. There's plenty of blame to go around and the causes run the gamut from boneheaded refusal to recognize one's own self-interest to a perverse refusal to recognize what has happening. Of course greed, hypocrisy, ignorance and fear all contributed.

With the myriad reasons and the complexity of causality; why are we bothering with "Is Impeachment the Answer?" Of course it is-along with many other things. So, impeach Bush. Why? Because he deserves it and it's a convenient place to start. Justice is a big job and we have to start someplace. It might as well be with Bush. He's the top man and embodies this perfidious regime. The head is the obvious place to start.

It's the obvious place to start; but, we have our work cut out for us. And many of the previously dependable resources are not available. Therefore, don't wait for politicians, for pundits, for polls or for permission. Just get to work and tell your elected officials, the media outlets, your family, friends and neighbors what you want. No more hypocrisy. No more 1984 talk. No more convoluted and perverted interpretations of the law. No more Christians for torture and war. No more reporters serving politicians. No more politicians serving business. We want Truth, Justice and Peace. Add on here as you see fit.

But, just as impeach/not impeach is a false choice. Blaming only Republicans for this mess is wrong. There were plenty of Democrats that played along with Bush and the Neo-Cons and are still at it. Robert Parry is wrong is targeting Republicans only. He is right, though, in his tactic. It's the tactic of the people, the voter, the citizen.

Write or e-mail all the political parties and their various action arms and tell them you will only vote for a candidate who is Pro-Peace, Pro-Impeachment and Anti-Patriot Act. Then, when the need arises, do the same for all candidates for any public office. Don't leave out the Democrats simply because they're not supposed to be Republicans. Don't leave out all the almost invisible local offices like Soil & Water Conservation Board, Library Board, etc. because national issues like peace and justice don't fall within their pervue. Your rationale should be that if a candidate is soundly Pro-Peace, Pro-Impeachment and Anti-Patriot Act, then they can be counted on more or less to be sound on almost any other conceivable issue. And, if a candidate or party will not profess peace, justice and civil rights; they will almost certainly be a danger.

So what to do? First, know your self-interest and pursue it. Second, don't pursue someone else's self-interest. Third, impeach Bush and indict the rest. And fourth, work and vote for peace, justice, and civil rights.


Maybe the way to get it on the media is to slip it in, like when the "Bush hates black people" remark was slipped in. Get those who are in agreement with impeachment and are invited on radio and TV talk shows,etc., to slip in the idea of impeaching Bush and Cheney.Just an idea.

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