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The World Can't Wait

THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT: Hold a Vigil or Rally Against Bush on Wednesday

November 2nd is the one-year anniversary of the election. Numerous organizations are working together to create vigils and rallies around the country against the war and against the Bush regime. Go here to get involved:


Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) has introduced a Resolution of Inquiry to demand the White House turn over all white papers, minutes, notes, emails or other communications kept by the White House Iraq Group (WHIG).

"This group, comprised of the President and Vice President's top aides, was critical in selling the Administration's case for war," Kucinich said. "We now know that the Administration hyped intelligence and misled the American public and Congress in their effort to 'sell' the war."

This Resolution must be voted on in the House International Relations Committee by November 9th, 2005. The same committee, on September 14, came within one vote of passing a Resolution of Inquiry into the Downing Street Memo (H. Res. 375).

That near victory came after a great deal of citizen activism. This time we need to persuade all of the Democrats on the Committee to push a little bit harder and a few more Republicans to do the right thing. Co-Sponsorship of the Resolution by members not on the committee helps this effort.

Email Your Congress Member:

More Information and How to Get Involved:


After Downing Street is working with the BackBone Campaign to encourage Congress Members to cosponsor a Resolution of Inquiry into the White House Iraq Group. Click here to download a Spine Postcard PDF to print (preferably on cardstock) and send to your Congress member.

Or visit the Spine Card page.


BONIFAZ MAY RUN FOR MASS. SECRETARY OF STATEConstitutional attorney John Bonifaz, is a co-founder of and the author of Warrior King: The Case for Impeaching George Bush.



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Here is an excellent Powerpoint presentation prepared by Michael Smith, the British reporter who originally broke the story of the Downing Street Memo.



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