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More "precision strikes", more dead Iraqi children who won't be counted

Eli Stephens
Left I on the News

Not by the U.S. government, anyway. 40 Iraqis are dead and 20 wounded thanks
to a "precision strike" on a "terrorist safe house." As you know without
even reading the linked article, the latter two phrases come from the U.S.
military, while the numbers come from Iraqi hospital sources; you don't
expect the U.S. military (or the U.S. media) to actually inspect the damage
and report the results, do you?

This particular article is oh-so-typical and oh-so-telling. Here's what the
U.S. military says:

"The only air strike in that area (west of Qaim) of which I am aware is an
attack on a terrorist safe house in Karabila that occurred before dawn this

"A senior al Qaeda cell leader was the target of the strike. The timing of
the attack and use of precision-guided munitions is intended to avoid
civilian casualties."
Think about that. The claim is that a house containing a "senior al Qaeda
leader" was bombed in the middle of the night. How would they know that?
Either they had intelligence (or previous sightings) showing this man was
staying in this house, or they sighted him the previous afternoon entering
the house, or using infrared they saw someone entering that house at night.
Was this alleged al Qaeda leader really in the house? Unless someone in the
house phoned the U.S. with the information, then left before the bombing and
kept an eye on the house to make sure the al Qaeda leader didn't leave,
there is no way they even know that much. And who else was in the house?
Unless the Americans kept that house on continuous surveillance, which seems
highly unlikely, there is no way they could know.

You simply can't conduct an air war in an area where you don't even have
troops on the ground, drop bombs on houses (which, remarkably enough,
usually contain people), and make a credible claim that you are making any
serious attempt to "avoid civilian casualties." And, big surprise, the
result of this attack was 60 civilian casualties, many of them women and
children. And, I safely predict, not one of them will be shown on American
television, if indeed this story appears there at all. Given the fact that
six U.S. soldiers were killed today, and that the media is still reporting
on the U.S. military report of 26,000 civilian casualties caused by
insurgents, it seems unlikely that those 60 Iraqi civilian casualties will
even be mentioned.

By the way, is it a coincidence that this story of 26,000 civilian
casualties suddenly appeared in the press just days after the death of the
2,000th American soldier? I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I doubt it.


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An update with new information about TV coverage of this event has been posted here

How well do we deal with the indiscriminate killing of our children playing at school? How well do we deal with the death of one our children who were mistakenly killed? I thought we value life with an almost god like claim that our human rights record cannot be matched in this world. Is it so unpatriotic to say stop this kind of killing that has no name or direction on it but ends up killing the innocent? I say one mistaken death is too much, especially when that death is a child. This is not the first time our country has used our "neat" weaponry we call precision to strike at schools, people walking down the street and hospitals. Something is wrong with this picture and we need to raise the level of truth being reported about this war. I know the masses in this country would not support this kind of killing coming from our own armies. No one person should be able to make a law or enforce a censorship to hide the numbers associated with this kind of act. I say Rehumanize this war and bring a true sense of honor that the true patriots of this country are proud of.


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