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Stop the Single Payer Shut-out!

Stop the Single Payer Shut-out!
by Ralph Nader | Common

Among the giant taboos afflicting Congress these days is the proposal to create a single payer health insurance system (often called full Medicare for everyone).

How can this be? Don't the elected politicians represent the people? Don't they always have their finger to the wind?

Well, single payer is only supported by a majority of the American people, physicians and nurses. They like the idea of public funding and private delivery. They like the free choice of doctors and hospitals that many are now denied by the HMOs.

There are also great administrative efficiencies when single player displaces the health insurance industry with its claims-denying, benefit-restricting, bureaucratically-heavy profiteering. According to leading researchers in this area, Dr. David Himmelstein and Dr. Stephanie Woolhandler, single payer will save $350 billion annually.

Yet, on Capitol Hill and at the White House there are no meetings, briefings, hearings, and consultations about kinds of health care reforms that reform the basic price inflation, indifference to prevention, and discrimination of health insurers.

There is no place at the table for single payer advocates in the view of the Congressional leaders who set the agenda and muzzle dissenters.

Last month at a breakfast meeting with reporters, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) responded to a question about health care with these revealing and exasperating words: "Over and over again, we hear single payer, single payer, single payer. Well, it's not going to be a single payer."

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I live in a small community in New Mexico, unable to be a part of the actual protest, but...
I have written every Senator on the committee, the newspapers in there state, and one television station in my state. Everyone needs to shout from the roof tops! We bailed out the banks, we bailed out wall street, we pay for congress to have the best health care!!! Why can we not have health care. (because it is socialism? ugh, not when
congress receives it!) This is beyond the pale!

Jump in and get involved in your local political party, vote out the old and put in the new, these people are not doing anything in OUR interest!


I have only received a response from, Senator Crapo, Idaho and Senator Kerry, Maine, and spoke to Senator Bingaman's aide. Senator Crapo did not address the issue of single-payer, he was very worried about "reconciliation", in other words, the party line not the people! Senator Kerry, said he has introduced two bills, Women's Health Insurance Fairness Act and Kids First, for the uninsured children of America, he closed his correspondance with: ''While I strongly believe there are many things that need to be changed within our current health care system, it is equally important to preserve the parts of our system that work. As we move to make health insurance more affordable, those who are satisfied with their current insurance should be able to keep what they have.' yadda..yaddaa...not a word about single-payer, or anything close! Senator Bingaman's aide, Lauren, said that the Senator endorses single-payer and plans to have it included in the debate on Thursday, May 14.
We will see.

Corporate media are announcing a "plan" offered by pharma and hospitals to "reduce the rate of increases" in "costs" over the next 10 years.

Is there an American who doesn't see through this?!

Obama is welcoming this offer, they say.

Any Obamans out there feeling a little more buyer's remorse this morning?

I'm calling the members of the Senate Finance Committee today to remind them that ONLY SINGLE PAYER will do.

No torture, state secrets, bankster criminality today.


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