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2012 election 3rd party - let's oust the REDEMLICANS

All signs seem to point to Obama creating a pattern of giving something to the right and something to the left (though he has certainly given more generously to the right). This is not a surprise, seeing as this is the man who made famous "not red states or blue states, but the United States." On some levels this is a noble endeavor. But within the realities that have evolved in our country during the past half century this approach screams naivete. Even given the undeniable intelligence displayed by our new president, and also his abilities to use political savvy to accomplish goals, unfortunately he is at the base merely continuing the march our country has made to the tune played by Corporate "Generals."

I for one have made a decision to put my efforts and actions behind a third party candidate for president in 2012. It is high time to find someone who TAKES PRINCIPLED STANDS, no matter how difficult they may seem, or how politically dangerous they may be. Our country has been ripped apart by crazies on the far right. It will not be put back together by reverting to our lemming-like march to corporate drumbeats.

Obama is of course a huge improvement over the previous administration, and I hope that we are able to achieve a certain measure of change within these next four years. But I am fed up with democrats who constantly "make nice" with the right, AT THE EXPENSE of we the people. Our country has been kidnapped, and all most of the democrats can do is offer the kidnappers more money, and tell them that we'll give them lots more if they'll just promise not to kidnap anyone anymore.

Dennis Kucinich, are you preparing another run? Maybe the best way for you to go is via a third party. The republicans are in disarray, the democrats are disappointing in many, many ways. I think this is the time when there may well be enough disenchanted "two-party" veterans who are ready to leave this tired, tired, failed system. I'm ready to get behind you right now!

Let's oust the REDEMLICANS, and take back our country.

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I'm ready for also the libertarian or constitution party to win

We need to get rid of not only the two party dictatorship, but also the whole federal government as a whole, including Getting america out of the united nations.

we need a conserative third party to take back this country.

No More Two Party dictatorship.
expect more of the same

The Constitution Party is completely theocratic. Plus, I really don't think that any third party will win the presidency. I'm a huge fan of third parties, but I think they need to focus locally.

If you want to see a successful, large-scale Libertarian, you should check out John Monds in Georgia (I swear I'm not a Monds troll!). He's a rare black Libertarian and he got over a million votes and 33% in a two-way statewide race last year.

Vote for yourself at!

The Constitution party is better than the two globalist parties we have to put up with now.

No More Two Party dictatorship.
expect more of the same

A group of normal people can take over the Green Party. That is what I'm going to do in CT. I'm taking courses at Housatonic Community College to meet the 5000 students there and unite/register them into the Green Party.

In the 4th CT district there are only 20 Green Party members now. I am convincing HCC students to form a slate of state reps and senators. Also a slate to run for Bridgeport and surrounding towns.

If I can get a foothold at HCC we can register students at other community colleges. There are twelve in CT.

The main issue is jobs. That means trade. Obama reneged on renegotiating trade. He reneged on the war. His cabinet sucks. etc

Connecticut is a political cesspool. People are fed up.

Your strategy is simple and focused. Nothing pie-eyed and global.

Stay the course.

The time is right.

It'll be fun, too.

I wish you well.

You should try to run for some local offices, like school board and such, first. That's where the Greens win most (read: 99%) of their races. And it would give all of you some experience and credibility for later on. I've been pretty immersed in third parties for about a year now and that's my advice to you, although I've never run a campaign or anything, just watched a bunch and volunteered for some losing ones.

Vote for yourself at!

and single payer is my policy. If I get another run around with this post being posted it will be good-bye afterdowningstreet.


"EVERY gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."--President Dwight D. Eisenhower, April 16, 1953

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Kucinich knows he could never get nominated by the Democratic Party for President, but he refuses to run for any other party.

Pelosi took the Constitution off the table, she didn't take impeachment off the table. Kucinich went along with Pelosi and insisted she was his friend. Dennis told me that directly to my face when he spoke at Dartmouth.

Screw Dennis Kucinich. He made his choice. Its a permanent record.

I worked harder for Dennis than any person on this forum. That was my mistake.

Once again, we have people floating about the idea of a third political party to challenge the current "two-heads-on-one-body" political party we have in place.

The idea of a third political party which would be able to point out the flaws in the current two-party political system would be a welcome change for those who've grown fed up with both the Republican and Democratic parties and their kow-towing to the corporate and oligarchical elite, and who've renounced the principles upon which their respective political parties once stood for.

Of course, there are some in various potent political circles who will claim that a third political party will make the U.S. "ungovernable", but look at the situation we have now -- we don't have a competent government, because the people who inhabit both parties are incapable of governing in a competent manner which makes sure that the nation, the people and their interests are fairly represented. So, we're already in a state of "ungovernablilty" as it currently stands, and a third party is something which we and the nation have needed for far too long.

The REDEMLICANS aren't going to help us take our nation back; we have to take the nation back, and a third political party, whioch would give people a REAL choice and a REAL voice, is an absolute necessity in order to expose how inadequate our "two-party" system has become.

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