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Former Clinton Aide Shot-Suicided,; G-10 War Threats, etc.

More body counts! More threats at US over Global Refunding Program!

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Clinton Aide Suicided; G-10 War Threats
Mark Levy, who was reported to be a former Hillary Clinton fundraiser, was suicided on or about Thursday, April 30, 2009, at this critical time of accusations of Katrina Victim Fund fraud circulate about the Clintons. Investigators are reportedly calling this a suicide for now, but you may remember how the news that the late David Kellerman, CFO of Freddie Mac was also called a suicide at first, and then we learned news he was also shot.
Also the D.C. Madam, Deborah Palfrey was initially called suicide, but other reports indicate murder.
So I hardly think Mr. Levy's death was a suicide at a time when the 'Third Clinton Murder Administration' is piling up the body count!

Also there are reports that the G-10 is threatening war or severe consequences, presumably against the U.S. if the Leo Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols funds are not settled and the appropriate trustees paid by May 1st, 2009, today.
This news comes with reminders that high worldwide tension exists at this time, particularly since there are missing 'agents' from the bio-warfare labs at U.S. Army Medical labs at Ft. Detrick, Md..
That news, coupled with the news that an Obama aide came down with the late strain of Swine Flu on or about the time of Obama's Mexico visit recently, has reportedly placed a great deal of suspicion on and against The United States.

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It's interesting to note that during the past two weeks, the decks are being cleared of various individuals who pose a very strategic threat to the Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy and to the Federal government officials whom they own.

Just one week after the suiciding of Freddie Mac CFO David Kellermann and former "D.C. Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey, comes the mysterious demise of former Hillary Clinton fundraiser Mark Levy, which should be raising more red flags about the real agenda behind the Obama Administration, which is quickly becoming a blend of the worst of both the George W. Bush and Bill Clinton Administrations.

Touching upon Mr. Kellermann's mysterious death for just a moment, there are those within certain Beltway circles who believe that Kellermann was disposed of of because of the real possiblity that he might have gone public and said something highly damaging to the President's policy direction, which would also have exposed how disastrous the President's housing policy had become in recent weeks, because any disclosure by Kellermann whould have cast a harsh spotlight on the bad advice Obama's being given by his alleged "economic advisor" Larry Summers and the ravenous pack of "behavioral economists" he's brought in with him.

The implication should be quite apparent to anyone who's been paying attention: that if the President's policy were submitted to scrutiny in the light of the evidence which Kellermannn might have disclosed in a public statement, it would have caused the defeat of Obama's housing and economic policies. What Kellermann might have said, in a public venue, would pose a threat to the credibility of Obama's current mortgage policy. Influential circles in both banking and government had much to lose if he lived, and had been summoned to testify before a new "Pecora Commission" (and it should be noted that Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), the dean of the U.S. House of Representatives, introduced a resolution on April 21, calling for the establishment of a House select committee "to make a thorough and complete investigation of the causes of the current financial crisis and other matters.").

One week after Kellermann's mysterious demise, we don't have an answer concerning motive and suspects presented to us, which answers the question. As long as doubt remains, the issue of Kellermann's death isn't cleared, but now with the H1N1 Influenza A pandemic entering the picture -- rather convieniently, one might add -- the Kellermann case has been bumped off the front page, and Kellermann's death was being pushed aside as people worry about contracting H1N1 Influenza A, which, according to doctors at the CDC, doesn't possess the genetic markings of the killer 1918 Spanish Flu, which decimated the world's population by several million.

Obama's policy on housing and the economy in general is so insane, that if any significant fact came to the surface on Freddie Mac -- especially during testimony before a "Pecora Commission"-type Congressional hearing -- it would cause public discredit. If such a fact were brought forward, Obama would be forced to abandon his present policy, which would cause great anger and agitation among the Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy. Otherwise, Obama would be the subject of public ridicule, which could cast him in the same negative light as G.W. Bush. To avoid that, he would have to say he had made a mistake, and change policy. He would also have to change advisers, which would further anger the Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy.

None of these incidents which have occurred in the last two weeks can be called "mere coincidence"; if anything, they are a clear signal that a very dangerous change to our nation and the world is coming, and anyone who attempts to thwart this change is going to be gotten rid of speedily. In fact, look for more people who occupy strategic positions in various influential circles to be terminated with "extreme prejudice" in the weeks and months to come, in order for "one-worldism" to come to pass.

Hi Steph, thanks for the reply - post. Kellerman was replaced or at least overshadowed by an employee who had previously been fired or laid off before Kellerman's death, but was rehired after Kellerman was suicided, and is reportedly a Carlyle Group stooge. Birds of a feather prey together.

So it looks much like the prearrangers simply waited, got rid of Kellerman, then brought the phony brand back in. The shell game and switch. They couldn't possibly allow credible testimony to exist about the stolen and abused retirement funds and other stuff. The cons are desperate! They're trying to put a lid on all this stuff by doing what they did before when they 'removed' personnel and witnesses at a slower scale, and as one writer said, they are doing it with violence 'very badly'.

Before I can relax a bit, get a few things done and edit an article, there are several more dead victims all related in some way to the BCCI Scandal, or Enron, or Silverado, or adnauseum.

I had reported on the pitiful shape of Fannie Mae and especially Freddie Mac last year when I think the figure was around five Billion missing, but it must be much higher.

Cons, including Obama, intend to use this and Madoff's loot for the new light rail shuttle system in N. York where the new proposed casinos will go in right in midtown or midtown Manhattan, I think is where I read they're planning to build this new project.

They want gambling revenue, second sets of phony books, and stuff like that to allow more leeway for money laundering, etc.. One of Madoff's key secretaries who helped design new software especially for his firm which is very secure, and reported to be somewhat sophisticated, was hit by some bus right downtown, I think Manhattan, while going to a department store to shop. She was a liability to them.

Yes, right, none of the incidents which occurred lately could really be coincidental. It looks like a confirmation of wholesale murder, Murder, Incorporated.

Anyone working for the government at this time is expendable. It's pitiful, but as one author said, The United States is through (soon will be) as a world power after this next slide. If you think folks are ragged now, wait until you see the near future!

The World Court may not give direct orders to the U.S., but there are so many enraged nations angry at the U.S., they are threatening war. In the event the World Court 'Enforcement Teams' who are in the U.S. right now get abused or killed, etc., having tried to straighten the mess on all the Bush-Clinton, Greenspan thievery, we could witness a few zillion U.S. dollar type accounts frozen worldwide which will halt lots of banking. After that, if the enforcement teams retire to the U.N. Bunkers and wait for the smaller suitcase nukes to go off, we will see pandemonium. After all, the U.S. used small nuclear bombs in Iraq, so if other powers gang us like I predicted in 'Candidates For The Con' they can inflict an unbelievable amount of damage to our society structure and ruin what's left of our economy without a total attack. Russia could hardly be worried as they have constructed huge underground cities.

Hang On. Any day could literally be our last, but I hope things pick up.

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