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The White House Criminal Conspiracy

By TomDispatch and The Nation

Former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega, whose analysis of the Libby indictment I posted on Friday, now turns to the larger administration picture in what is the cover story of this week's Nation Magazine -- a piece being shared with, and released on-line by, Tomdispatch. In "The White House Criminal Conspiracy"

she turns to the question of how to make the Bush administration accountable for having defrauded the American people into a war. Her striking exploration offers a potential new legal avenue that could force Bush & Co. to take responsibility for their actions. It's one of the most important pieces Tomdispatch has distributed, not to speak of an ingenious approach, the equivalent of getting Al Capone for evading his taxes, and it should be followed up.


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to everyone in your address book.

The word must get around.
The spin doctors are hard at work reselling the war.

Bush says everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
I say send them all to Guantanamo
and wait for Fitzgerald to figure the rest out.

I beleive that we as American's have to take a page from the play book of the Ukrainians. They got it done and we need to also.

They got what done? A failed assassination and the ridicule of the world, is that your "plan?"

How about some new ideas and articulating a vision? That seemed to work for the other party in the '90s.

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