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Leak trial to bleed

Leak trial to bleed Cheney
Washington, Oct. 29 (Reuters): The indictment of former top White House aide Lewis Libby in the CIA leak investigation will put vice-president Dick Cheney’s office at the centre of court proceedings, raising the spectre of a politically damaging trial for the beleaguered Bush administration.

Libby, who resigned yesterday as Cheney’s chief of staff after being indicted for obstructing justice, perjury and lying, is expected to make his first court appearance in the next week or so for an arraignment.

The indictment means the next stage of the case will play out in open court, in contrast to the secret two-year grand jury investigation directed by special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald into the leak of a covert CIA operative’s identity.

Libby’s indictment represented the first criminal charges arising from the investigation, and Fitzgerald said the probe would continue. One key figure still under scrutiny is President George W. Bush’s top political adviser, Karl Rove, lawyers involved in the case said.

At the arraignment, Libby, 55, who faces up to 30 years in prison, is expected to plead not guilty, and the judge in the case could set a trial date.

Lawyers involved in the case said Cheney himself and other top White House officials named in the indictment could be called as witnesses. A trial would examine in detail how the administration sold the nation on the increasingly unpopular war in Iraq and countered its critics.

“It’s a horrible situation for the vice-president. Libby has been so close to Cheney,


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Fitz is amazing....he is ethical in a time that the government, the media and business put winning and the bottom line first. Now, we have Fitz...he kept his grand jury within the guidelines of the rule of law.
Now, we have Libby's indictment to set the tone. The plot is unfolding.
Cheney is unindicted but can he with stand being called as a witness...but the plot doesn't end there...Fitz has the goods on so many people...just look at the cast of named players involved in the violation of the Espionage Act. Whew!!! And now they know, Fitz doesn't play by the rules of winning at all cost and politics. He is no Ken Starr...Fitz is fair. The Libby indictment was brillant... Fitz knew, he could bring down the Bush administration...but he is going to let them do it themselves. Glad I didn't have to pour over that indictment this week end and have to plan my next move...because anyone's next move better be in the best interest of the country...the people they are suppose to be representing...and the rule of law is now going to prevail for everyone....just like it did in his grand jury proceedings...Fitz has set the the media listening?

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