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UPDATED:2 FEDS SHOT DEAD reported. More Stanford affiliates dead.

See UPDATE:May 1,09 below

I just read a report stating 2 federal agents or officers were shot dead on about Monday, April 27th, 2009. I have not been able to confirm this through the mainslime media. Anyone having information on this breaking news please post it.

I posted this at: in case you lose this article, etc..

The matter seems to be over blocked, obfuscated, Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols money and the refunding of banks, etc. trustees with on-the-books, good cash.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 Feds Shot Dead Reported
This editor just read an intelligence report which states 2 federal agents or officers have been shot dead on or about Monday, April 27, 2009, but no confirmation has been obtained from U.S. mainstream news services and networks as of now 7 pm.
This alleged shooting occurred due apparently to an argument or heated discussion over the Global Refunding Program, also known as the Leo Wanta Protocols, also known as the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols Funds, and the reported stalling by the U.S. Officials to pay and fund the assigned trustees, some of whom are from foreign nations.
According to some sources, Dr. Alan Greenspan and George H.W. Bush, Sr., are the leading forces blocking the repayment of these funds which could allow 'on-the-books' good cash to help refund the U.S. Banks and U.S. Treasury, and help pay off the reported China debt.
If Bush doesn't cough up some of this loot, surely it could be possible that China may begin to seize U.S. assets both within the U.S. and abroad.
So does it come down to whether The Bush-Clinton Crime Family is really hiding ill-gotten loot and whether they will put it back, or whether they will hoard it and allow you, the citizens, to give up your remaining sovereignty and property?
One author indicated that human bodies have a worth, too, and U.S. Citizens could be 'led away slaves' if these debt problems are not resolved.
On another venue, perhaps all citizens who would reveal the truth on all this obfuscation of funds and U.S. debts and alleged stolen Treasury money, could simply be place in concentration camps which have already been built and are awaiting 'visitors'.
So, will the U.S. crime syndicates and political criminals give up the loot or will we all 'swing'?


UPDATE: World Court Enforcement Team in US This Week.
They gave up some of the loot according to latest reports of the British economics journalist. Said several trillion dollars 'stolen by criminal US Presidents Bush 41, and Bush 43' were recovered due to a World Court Enforcement Team which is in the U.S. this week.

This enforcement team has effected arrests all over Europe of bankers and officials and is reportedly here in US to do the same thing, especially if the Global Refunding Program of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols funds cannot be settled.

As word of this matter awaits, there is extreme worldwide tension at this time.

If it is true and the former Bush Presidents have 'coughed up' funds it would serve to confirm what the sources who accuse Bushes and Dr. Alan Greenspan ( who was arrested again recently)have said: that these criminals mentioned cannot keep their hands off other peoples' monies! Remember the former Silverado Savings and Loan exec who 'jumped' from the 9th floor of the parking garage just recently and finally died in an emergency room unit later?
"Michael Wise, a former chairman of Silverado Savings & Loan was reported to have jumped from the ninth floor of a parking garage at or near Tampa International Airport, Florida. The Silverado Savings & Loan Scandal, where Jeb Bush, George Bush Sr., and his son Neil Bush have all been implicated in the Savings and Loan Scandal, which cost American tax payers over $1.4 TRILLION dollars, provided Bush elements of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate more cash logistics with which to perpetrate more fraud and crime funded by taxpayer coffers."


Also, there is word of more Stanford Scandal connections being killed or shot. One in the Bahamas was shot a few days ago and was clinging to life in a coma, and guarded by law officers.
Another British accountant had a contract with Stanford which ended at year's end Dec. 31,08, & he died the very next day on New Year's Day.

The reason I post this under impeachment is because if the former so-called presidencies had been stopped by impeachment the error would have shown and, possibly, the current debacle of the present refunding ordeals might have been averted.

I wonder how many other innocent officers serving the U.S. will be killed in addition to these latest alleged casualties, before the biggest 'Candidates For The Con' crooks will be indicted and brought into open court before U.S. Juries.


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