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The Documents Are Authentic


Yes, the brain dead are among us and as such, we have to re-educate them to a 2+2=4 system. The very brain dead, confused, and clearly misguided followers of such pond scum as Neo-Nazi Barbie, Narco Slob, and other like luminaries keep confusing fact with talking points.

See, they did not get talking points on DSM, so they are dumbfounded by the facts, cooing, gasping, and grasping like crack addicts. So for the ethically challenged among us, or the value of hate/kill/rape crowd, and mostly the lonely peeping conservators who spank the keyboard daily to feel like they have a life... for those moronic twits who need to be told over and over that truth has nothing to do with patriotism... ONE more time:

Mick Smith did not DESTROY the originals. Since I am the one who reported on the handling of the documents, I think I can safely say that unless the entire British government, European press, MSM, several high level sources on both sides of the ocean, and Blair himself have all fallen into a vortex, a vat even of koolade... there is no doubt, none, zero, and the big 0 that these documents are authentic.

Again, repeat over and over till brain cells compute:
Blair - yes
Butler Commission - yes
British officials/Straw - yes
Entire foreign press - yes
Think tanks galore - yes
Journalists in the US - yes
Academics on both sides of the ocean - yes
Alternative press - yes

Okay... do we understand that now? Even Woolsey and Rice did not deny the authenticity, instead they attempted to conjugate "fix" a half dozen times to make is sound like "plan wisely Le British way".

Short answer, read this:

It explains how, why, and when. Also, I added a few examples you can visit. If all else fails, feel free to look up Rice, Blair, etc. quotes regarding said documents.

Now, anyone still left with a brain leak after this is just really that stupid.

End of rant

sorry but I had to scream this ... thanks for letting me vent (runs away).


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The British Foreign Office on Sunday, reported Monday in the London Guardian, conceded the documents were genuine. End of story. Check out the article:,2763,1308368,00.html

In mid July of 2003, my son; who is now with the 82nd Airborne, called me from basic training at Fort Benning to inform me that he was going to be sent to Iraq. We were engaged in a war with Afganistan at that time and I told him that he must have misunderstood what he was told, and that they probably said Afganistan. He assured me that he knew the difference between the two countries and that he was definately told Iraq. I told him at the time that Iraq was not even being discussed or debated by anybody, and as an issue, it wasn't even on the radar, but he insisted it was Iraq. That was in mid July. In late August Dick Cheney brought up Iraq for the first time in a speech claiming Saddam was "reconstituting his nuclear program". That speech was followed by others from the usual suspects in the administration, including the president. Other members of the Republican party joined in and the sales pitch was in full swing. I was astonished to realize that my son was completely accurate and that the only way he could have known that was if it had already been decided prior to any debate on the subject. After that I began to do some research and found the website for the Project for a New American Century That is what made things very clear to me. All of the policy papers that were written were either written or signed off on by current members of the Administration including Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz as well as charactors such as Feith, Bolton, Pearle, and a host of others that can be seen on any number of TV shows selling the war with Iraq. The policy for overthrowing the Iraqi regime dates back to before Bush became president. And every member of PNAC is connected to this administration. Everything that I've seen or read including comments from Paul O'Neill, Richard Clark, and others supports the idea that the war with Iraq was predetermined by the Bush administration. I became adament in my opposition to the war and followed very closely each and every attempt by the likes of Colin Powell and his "dog and poney show" at the UN, the false claim over the the yellowcake from Niger, the outing of Valerie Plame and villification of Joe Wilson, and all other attempts to sell this lemon to the US congress and the people of this country. I'm astonished and at the same time outraged that members of congress that have more access to information then I do would ever have swallowed this crap and voted to authorize Bush to take us to war. At last we now have the truth in the form of the Downing Street Memo to support and tie together any of the loose ends that could have been brushed off as coincidental. This information should be sufficient to call an inquiry into the actions taken by the Bush administration. He lied to Congress and the people of this country and cost us over 1700 American lives in the process, not to forget those severely wounded and the complete chaos he's created. These people should be behind bars, and not running the government of the United States. I would urge anyone with a brain cell that is functioning to not let go of this. Bush/Cheney must be removed.

i hope your son is doing should send that letter to every friggin' news station out there and tell them to get off of their asses and start doing their jobs!

I'm no expert but as I recall the Senior Bush was the one that got in a Oil deal involving his son George Jr. and Saddam and that is how I read he made is first million .I also read of his ordeal and struggle with alcohol and his choice of drugs his family member like to tell about, seems to run in the family with one of his daughters.That news seemed to end really fast about her drug problem. While most of the prisons are crowded with women that have the same problem, but they don't have the luxury of having a Grandfather and Father that were both presidents either, so I gues no time to fit the crime for them either.If the was was fixed was the election in Florida where brother Bush is also a cover up? Makes a brain cell dead person wonder but then it's called paranoia .I've never done drugs or drank so I guess I just inherited my brain cells.What do people really know about the personal lives of these people anyway, how rich are the really, where else do they have money stashed , why should they worry over trivial matters for the poor in America. Maybe Bush looked at it this way, if we go to war then the economy is bad this wll give low income people the chance to join the military while leaving there jobs here in America and others that didin't have a job could take theirs so unemployment rates would drop."WRONG" then there is the chance we might get better prices on the oil and gas if we can keep the oil protected over there and the big tycoon will get richer and richer.Gues the Americans though we would be the ones to get the lower prices on fuel "WRONG" Just who is getting richer , doesn't take a genious to figure out that it's not the average American. Talk about the INJUSTICE JUSTICE systems in our country today where large companies seem to be in co oots with the prisons to make millions off the poor.Generally the population is not treated much better than caged diseased animals that the general has been trying to improve for years to no avail.Send these truely guilty to fight ,because sooner or later there won't be to many volunteers anymore seems there is a rumor that recruits are down, so what next force out kids to go to a war for what reason, Freedom. I don't think so a lot of the kids today are struggling with the poverty in our own country, the injustice of the systems that don't seem to work, families torn apart from all the lies that are minupilated to get the poor off the streets, send them to Iraq or jail/prison what ever don't bother .I got this from a young kid that thought America was the land of freedom and found out real fast just how people in high places put words in his mouth and twisted things to take away all he loved and cherrished that he could have kept if he had only stayed in his country.The youth of today are not impressed with the things going on they say the government will do what ever it wants to do and a lot of times laws and bills are passed and it's at the last minute you find out about it on the news.New is depressing it saddens the future generation of this country, they lose faith in the system real fast , some have very good reason.Look at it from one kids stand point that said when asked why do you believe we chose to go towar with Iraq, HIs reply was you know George Bush is a RED NECK Don't you? He's from Texas that's where all the cowboys from long ago come from and back in the day they used to pack guns on their side and just go after anybody that hurt there family or made them look bad so if Saddam had a hotel and put your dads picture at the door so everbody could wipe their feet on your dad's face and disrepect him like that and Saddam didn't want to play the oil game with you and your daddy anymore and you didn't get rich as you wanted then wouldn't you go after him with both guns and take his oil away and make him pay for makeing your daddy look like a fool for our American giving him big bad things inexchange for his favors that helped you make your million then Saddam got what he wanted and just didn't want to play in the bushes anymore with the Bushes and figured one day them two would come gunning for him and make him pay but who knew they would use innocent victums to settle a ole long time fued they had going and get our loved one to break out the big guns to do it for them.George Jr. might of void to someday make SAddam pay but at who"s expense. Hay it's not our fight, you go George face to face with Saddam he's a ole man and take him on.You know this little fellow is only 6 but dang if he may be right I guess those ole Texas westerns have come back to life, Bush has the possy the American soilder so lets get fired up cause daddy we're going for the gold OOPS i meant to say the oil in them there hills and I will make you proud and make Saddam pay and one day we'll be so rich we won't need anybody and well have the best of the richest friends around cause we'll make them so rich they'll owe us till they die, so who's gonna rat on a Bush.Gues my spelling is not the greatest in the world but I just had to vent too.People all over America see that thing are no good ever where and no matter what not getting any better. Looks like Bush would be more concerned seeing how is numbers have dropped and get off that high horse now he's got Saddam in jail, guess he's waiting for the hanging party now, trying to get Saddams own people to hang him in the street for all to see just like in the OLE WEST, but I think he's having a bit of trouble trying to control a people that have been controled by someone else so long that don't want that so if they don't want it , let it go .Bush didn't have any dealings with the people in the other places that even people in our military say would be very hard to take on so they just overlook the nucular weapons and let the sleeping dog lay, cause they sure don't want to strir up that army of millions and anything nucular that's to modern for an ole guy from Texas, can't handle that so he'll be out of office before that breaks lose and safe and won't have to clean up this mess he's got us into now.Maybe the kids got a point put him and the other guy and all the ones in connection to this fued in one small tiny cell, just like the prsioners here and see who's going to come out of there alive that would be a show I know the world would love to see.Instead of sending innocent kids to war let all the politicians have to go face the bad guys and duke it out then I think they will be less apt on both sides to want to stir up a hornets nest like this one.Don't send a kid out to do the big mans job to make them think it for there own good and will make a man out of them if they want it done I say it's time we stick all the one who want what they want together and let the Presidents and leaders go at it.Guess instead of hiring actors as politicians we better be looking for pro wrestlers/boxers/pro fighters and the best for President next cause we sure fell for a act this time one of the oldest in the book .First you decieve, make them believe, then send young people out to do your dirty work .Impeachment is just not good enough, do like Bush is so proud to say that he's a Texan now and that's not how we do things in Texas when something offered him a different path, I think from the get go, as soon as he got his presidencey he had dreamed of the day to get his revenge and solve a lot of other problems for himself as well.He reminds me of the little guy that even though a small man can do big things that makes his daddy proud ,Hay he said he learned from the best, so how far does this vendita really go back? I hear him use the term SAVE FACE, i didn't know that was cowboy term used by American's I though that had to do with China ?SO what's he got going on with those peoples that he know he doesn't want to rattle that snake or we could all die, take a look at what's going on there , I think we better get this gun slinging Texan back home and on his ranch so he doesn't have to take so many vacations and let somebody else give it a try that money hasn't corrupted the brain, but God know this day in time who isn't in need of finicial help only the Forbes listings I'm sure, but ever try and get a rich man to part with his money to a poor man , Hay folks it's not easy? WHo's always been looked apon as the fat cats the Repubilicans and the donkey's butt the Democrats of cousre and the strength and the fatness well just look at the symbols chosen to represent them, people are people all they want is peace , love and not war so hay guys leave the ole western thing alone and let our guys get out of where they don't belong and back home before we really rattle that other snake.

davidswanson & Peter Rush
Thanks for the info! I was concerned about the Sunday Times being owned by Rupert Murdock.

Larry Allen Brown,

Check out PBS/Frontline "The war behind closed doors"



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