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ADS: A compressed option, please


This is a request for an addition or enhancement to the ADS web site.

A. The reasons:

1) Some persons still have old PCs (mine is about 10 yrs old); older are slower than newer because newer ones have more memory, faster memory and faster CPUs.

2) Some persons still have dial-up connections (as mine is); dial-up is much, much slower than optical cable or even DSL.

3) Web page technology (HTML, etc.) has changed. Even with my old set-up, when I go to one of the increasingly rare web sites that still uses the technology of 10 years ago, the page comes up instantly no matter how huge it is. New web site design-and-build technology takes a very long time to bring the site up if the user's PC is old and the connection speed is slow.

4) The faster that posts are added, the faster they scroll off the first page.

B. The situation:

The AfterDowningStreet web pages come up on my old PC with dial-up extremely, extremely slowly. Each page comes up extremely, extremely slowly - so that going to page 2 is not something that I want to do very often.

C. The request:

Could we have some kind of compressed view of the posts? If I could see the poster's name, the title of the post and, optionally, say, the first 10 lines of the post, I could much less slowly navigate ADS.

There are some poster's I try to read almost always, e.g., Dave Lindorff. He may scroll off before I notice he's posted at the rate posts are being added nowadays.

We may be in transitory period of lots of posts - because of the forgiveness of torturers now occurring, the financial crisis, and so forth. But whatever the reason posts are being added rather quickly.

Some other web sites have some kind of compressed view - not saying their way is the best but they do make some effort to compress.


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Good to see you back , Harry, but for all we know you may have been lurking in the background for awhile... I hope you get the enhancements you need to view ADS better, or maybe we can all pitch in and get you highspeed internet for the Holidays (its getting cheaper than you might think, check into your local Cable company every once in awhile). My dream is that we all go fiber-optics someday:-)

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

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