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On April 16, President Obama said he would not prosecute CIA agents who engaged in torture, because President Bush's lawyers told them it was "legal." President Obama also said Attorney General Eric Holder would use taxpayer dollars to defend torturers against lawsuits by torture victims, and to pay all judgments if they lost.

These decisions are intolerable and unacceptable. Torture is utterly immoral and un-American. The U.S. ratified the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which prohibits torture and requires prosecution of torturers. In 1947, the U.S. prosecuted a Japanese officer for waterboarding. No lawyer can "legalize" what is illegal.

Congress must take the following actions:

1. Demand the appointment of a Special Prosecutor by Attorney General Eric Holder for torture, warrantless wiretapping, and other heinous crimes of the Bush Administration.

2. Prohibit the use of any taxpayer dollars to defend government officials who committed such crimes against lawsuits, or to pay for judgments against them.

3. Restore the full protection of the Fourth Amendment (search and seizure) by repealing the Orwellian-named Protect America Act and U.S.A. Patriot Act.

4. Impeach Judge Jay Bybee, the torture memo author who serves on the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in California.

As my representative in Congress, I urge you to act immediately.


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Damn it! I'm getting to feel like Clipped Eagle. When is enough finally enough?

OK. So you have a petition. That's well and good. But the real question - that makes all the difference in the world - is what's going to happen if nothing is done?


Can we at least have a consensus that says come 2012 no self respecting progressive organization will support "any" candidate put forth by the two Washington crime families?

Change we can believe in---Remember!

This Petition will NOT work. The Government all ready knows that a Magority are against the War in Iraq. They Know the Magority are against Torture. But they do not care. The only option left is MASS PROTESTS (in the Millions). Force the cancer which effects both parties out. Think of it like Chemotherapy treatment. Radical & very paniful but can be effective. Don't forget 'we the People' are in charge they are just our represntives in Government (our employees). They are not working for US and must be on mass sacked and put before our courts. If this is not done the US idology of far Justice for ALL will DIE forever. There is no other treatment the cancer has spead too far.

Petitioning the politicians to do so MANY necessary things, has not been working. There are many tactics, that have not been working---supporting the Democratic party, for example. Or the idea of street demonstrations, or mobilizing college youth. Why don't we rank all of the tactics we know, as to what works / does not work?

I think the political direction of the country is largely determined by the consciousness of the population, and THAT is pretty abysmal. How did the beliefs and desires of the 300 million americans become so degenerate and short-sighted?! ANSWER: by the work of state propaganda thru the mass media and also, the school systems and the church pulpits. We have to take a LOT of hills in those institutions. That's where the power is.

So much for systemic work. We have such urgent problems I honestly recommend the federal government must be curbed, very substantially. This can be done by devolution of powers out to the states.. Yeah I know.. that's not a panacea and it will take decades. But let's be clear-- we are being screwed by the federal supremacy over creation and maintenance of money and banking, the supremacy/ unilateral power to maintain the military and start wars, and supremacy over the taxation system. We need the IRS and taxation system to operate nationally if not globallly, but the money to be handed back to the state and local governments, who provide most of the public services in the world,



Millions and millions of us -- how else can we turn this criminal government of ours around? NO, Obama did not CREATE this mess, but HE cannot change it without our HELP!

IN THE STREETS! There are NO other options left us!

Where the F$$K are all of you when there are about 100 of us in the District on the Hill? Where???

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of Totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy.
Mohandas Gandhi

Why not get all those who have been cought up in the depression together to protest (13 Million Plus and counting up) you would get change. Other countries do it. The future is in your hands. Find that 'will' and they are finished. I just like to know why the unemployed are not doing anything about this. It is not their fault. Get them togeher and make America the great country it once was.

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