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This afternoon Sen. Rockefeller (D-WV), ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, put out the following statement ...

“It is a terrible day for all Americans when a top White House official is accused of lying and obstructing justice, made all the worse when it’s about a national security matter.
“Revealing the identity of a covert agent is the type of leak that gets people killed. Not only does it end the person’s career, and whatever assignments they may have been working on, it puts that person in grave personal danger as well as their colleagues and all the people they have had contact with over the years.

“These very serious charges go to the heart of whether administration officials misused intelligence by disclosing an undercover CIA agent. They also heighten concerns that the administration engaged in a pattern of misusing intelligence to make the case for going to war with Iraq.

“To date, Congress has completely failed to answer these critical questions. The fact is that at any time the Senate Intelligence Committee pursued a line of questioning that brought us close to the White House, our efforts were thwarted. If my Republican colleagues are not prepared to undertake a full and serious congressional investigation into the potential misuse of intelligence, then I regretfully conclude that we have no choice but to pursue an outside independent investigation. The American people deserve answers and they want the truth.


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Its politics, toughguy, Watch it play out. The dems are waiting for Fitzanca to be over. Highly partisan action will further close the ranks of right. After the holiday season ends-the fire storm begins. This tatic always works-is the reason why republicans failed to get Clinton. Good politics is about a balance of offense and defense. We have a political set-back, momentarily, but Bush will lose the south for the next 40 years as LBJ did in the 60's.

And this issue is of immediate concern.

No more of the Bush stalling,Americans are DYING!
Why should one more man die because of a war on a LIE!

Isn't it ironic that two of the major events this week center on lying and lieing. On is about lying to dishonor, Scooter Libby and his indictment, and the other about lieing in honor, Rosa Parks and her righteous courage. I wish that those elected to serve the sovereign "We" would have the courage of Rosa Parks.

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