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Issues and questions

I would like to propose to any of you that are interested that we dialogue about the current issues with what is going on, not only with respect to the economy, but with respect to the war, civil rights, the Patriot Act, etc. I am a socialist, and proudly so, so from the outset I don't wish anyone to think I have any problem with 'name-calling,' as to me socialism is an enlightened philosophy and the only way out for this planet. I am, however, disturbed by some of the things happening at present. And I write this hoping that a discussion will help me resolve some of my issues... and some of what to me is the start of bitter disappointment. I have worked long and hard against the war, against torture, against the SOA, against the Bush cadre, for impeachment...

I don't fully understand the somewhat hands-off attitude in this bailout. I see some of it as being 'more of the same.' Mind you, I was recently reminded by a young man who is working as a Vista volunteer that the Obama administration has funded public service in an unprecedented fashion. I am proud and happy to see that.

On torture, I was ecstatic when during that first week in power, Obama went on the record to say, no more torture, and we will close Guantánamo in the first year. Not so happy later to hear the treatment of some of the prisoners by the administration... some of these things seem similar to what was done by Bush's fascistic regime... In fact, the Patriot Act is being used for 'executive' privilege. The Patriot Act, and the Military Crimes Commission Act, which gave unexampled power to the executive, NEED TO GO. No excuses, no delay, no bullshit.

I did not want Emperor Bush and his cronies running my life and the planet, and I don't want anyone else doing so. I want the constitution back, I want questions asked, I want war crimes investigated and officials who committed them punished, including the Robot-in-Chief, George W. Bush. I want the military establishment, which has been used to cause untold misery and death throughout the Américas and this beleaguered planet, the entire Great Panjandrum that is the US war machinery, brought under control, not by the big muck-a-mucks that run Northrop Grumman but by 'we the people' - I want the WAR to be over. Now. If not this week, this year.

The Iraqis want us out. The people from Afghanistan are organizing for peace, and they want us out, they don't want any more dead. I want the devastation in the name of the nation that I swore allegiance to, in 1986, to come to an end.

I have been reading Alternet as I always did and researching issues, and listening to Amy Goodman (who recently did a beautiful interview of Noam Chomsky), and thinking and pondering. I want no more BUSINESS AS USUAL. I know I want to support the present administration; I worked long and hard for Obama's election and before that, for the election of more Democrats and more progressive voices, but I don't want to give the idea that they now have a blank check... There is too much that went wrong because very few people asked questions.

I have questions... I trust you will help me not only answer them but decide what to do next.


Silvia Brandon Pérez


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