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How Has it Come to This?

By Jim Oberg

On November 2nd, one year after an election that saw more 'irregularities' than any in recent history, I will be leading a march to the streets to drive out the Bush regime! For me, a 65 year old retiree, who has believed in the orderly transition of power and reasoned argument in the public forum, I can tell you that this is a radical departure from my pattern of support for and trust in our system.

When our vote is taken away or made meaningless, as has now happened, our reality in America is changed in a fundamental way. No longer can we, the citizen, hold those in government accountable for their actions. That is what has happened in America, I am now certain, after examining the many studies done following this election. We now must face the terrible fact that we are ruled by a regime that claims a mandate to do as they please, when in fact they represent an illegitimate and criminal tyranny over us.

And look what they have done with that unchallenged power: Established torture as a policy of interrogation; instituted concentration camps around the world where those simply accused are sent to languish with no defense or hope of exoneration; illegally invaded a country based on fabricated intelligence, killing many thousands of innocents and turning the entire world community against us; pillaged our treasury and transferred untold wealth to their cronies, supporters and our largest corporations; devastated our environment by removing all protections that guard the very life support system of our planet. The list is long.

We face huge crises in the near future as our oil runs out and global warming crashes down on us. Many feel we have only a decade during which we can face these great dangers squarely and still hope to save ourselves. This regime is wasting our much needed grace period by ignoring and exacerbating these threats.

The World Can't Wait! We cannot face the challenges of our times until this gang of unchecked zealots who are driving our country over a cliff to its doom are driven from power, and a new direction can be charted for our country and world.

If our votes no longer count, we are left with the one vote that does count, he vote we make with our feet. I implore you, join with me and the many millions in America who see this great threat to our common future, and come into the streets and the town squares on November 2nd across America, and, with one voice, say loudly to these illegitimate leaders in Washington: NO! HIS REGIME DOES NOT REPRESENT US! AND WE WILL DRIVE IT OUT! THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT!

Join in with plans for the launch of a movement to drive out the Bush Regime with events in over 100 locations nationwide at Join thousands of people in signing onto the Call: The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!


Jim Oberg is a retired engineer who intended to spend his golden years with is friends on the golf course. He lives with his wife and two cats in Wilsonville, Oregon, and can be reached at .


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This is a total travesty. I can't believe that after a two year long investigation that all Patrick Fitzgerald could come up with was one indictment. It doesn't even mention anything about a leak. I am outraged. This is nothing more than a total breakdown of our judicial system. This is a slap in the face to the American people.

This is the first, not last, indictment. Fitz is playing this brilliantly like a chess game. Watch as these gang members turn on each other now that the heat is on. Libby isn't going to go to prison for 30 years for nothing. His loyalty bought him power and priviledge without that reward there is no loyalty. These people are nothing but greedy when there is no reward they do not pay.
If all goes well Libby will turn on Cheney, Cheney will turn on Rove, Rove will turn on Bush and then the Congress will respond to the letters you are sending them to call for his impeachment. If you want action take action exercise your duty as the fourth branch of government and write call or fax your elected representatives. If they do not do the peoples will, the people have the right to replace them in a recall election. Your U.S. representative is no more secure in his position than the local school board member. They get recall elections all the time. You want change. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Quit your whining and do something.

I sure agree. Fitz's approach is reasoned and sane and has the best possible chance of bringing us some honest-to-god truth and justice, not just revenge.

Right on.
I wrote a letter to my Congressman, a Democrat, asking him to introduce impeachment legislation. He wrote back, and in quite a lengthy reply enumerated all that he is doing, and implied that he would support impeachment legislation if it is introduced.

I and many of us so called hippies knew this way bach "when" "No longer can we, the citizen, hold those in government accountable for their actions." We tried our best too wake up the rest but to no avail.
Perhaps now that things got rather ugly for the bigots/policitians a larger awakening is possible for the hamburger munching, beer guzzling masses.

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