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Oh Well That's All Right Then: 6 Percent of Americans SUPPORT Giving Our Money to Bankers


A new Zogby Interactive poll shows support scraping bottom for giving federal money to shore up big banks. The survey of 4,112 adults completed last week found only 6% believe we should “continue providing government money to banks, as well as buying their troubled assets, with the hope that banks will increase lending” as the best option to take regarding failing big banks.

Slightly more than one-half (51%) oppose providing any more federal money to banks, “even if that means some of the banks would go out of business.” The third option we gave respondents was a temporary takeover of the most troubled banks, with the government eventually selling the banks back to private investors. Nearly one-third (32%) like that idea.

The survey also tested whether adults believed President Obama was forcing change too quickly, with 32% agreeing. That was less than the 38% of said Obama’s actions have been “just about right.” The third option was that Obama “has been too timid and should take more bold and immediate action,” which was the choice 10%. The remaining 20% didn’t like any of those options, or were not sure.

There was considerable partisan difference on this question, with 62% of Republicans saying Obama is bring too bold and 66% of Democrats saying he is “just about right.”

If you are one of those who oppose the current bailout program, would you be just as opposed to a temporary government takeover of some banks? Do you have any other ideas about how to free up capital for lending?


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Fighting For Our Future
By Stephen A. Miller
Staff Writer

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Obama received $104,332 from AIG and Dodd raked in $103,900. Obama and Dodd far outpaced the rest of Congress, as the next largest beneficiary received about $45,000 less than each of them. All told, AIG gave a total of $644,218 to federal candidates over the last election cycle in return for the $215 million they ripped off.

The Hartford Courant banner headline screamed, "Dodd's Flip-Flop: Admits Role in Bill Changes that Led to AIG Bonuses."

In an interview with CNN's Ali Velshi, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said, "Treasury staff was working with Sen. [Christopher] Dodd's staff throughout this process."
Geithner's comment came in response to a remark by Dodd, D-Conn., saying that the Treasury Department had insisted on inserting language in the bill that created a loophole for AIG to exploit.

"Treasury staff did express concern about whether this provision was vulnerable to legal challenge," Geithner said.
The senator pledged to go through his list and give back or donate to charity any contributions linked to bailout money. The bulk of Dodd's AIG money during the just-completed campaign season came from about a dozen AIG executives.

They include Douglas Poling, of Fairfield; Christopher Phole, of New Canaan; Steven Pike, of Stamford; Robert Powell, of Westport; Joseph Rooney, of Fairfield; Gregory Ruffa, of Darien; Christian Toft, of Weston; Steven Wagar, of Norwalk; Jonathan Liebergall, of New Canaan; Leonid Shekhtman, of Redding; and James Haas, of Fairfield.

This is not the first time Dodd has found himself in this position of pillorying a corporate villain in one breath and in the next defending himself from claims he's too cozy with the same miscreant.

Google -- Screwed Again -- to read the rest.

Check out Richard C. Cook. This guy is full of interesting facts that we never learned in school. This problem is fixable with new ideas, not the same old fleecing.

same old people making decisions, same old leaders doing the same old things, there's nothing new, there's no changes being made that amounts too much.
A common sense approach will not come along anytime soon. It requires people with common sense to a part of the decision making.
The government, by the government, for the government,is what we have today.

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