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People's International Initiative
For Departments of Peace in governments around the world

Dear Friends,

As you may know, October 16 -19, 2005, The Peace Alliance participated in the first international People’s Summit for Departments of Peace, in London, UK. There were forty people from twelve countries: Australia, Canada, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Netherlands, Palestine, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, with written support from Nepal, Nigeria and Uganda. Presently there are five working groups with campaigns for Departments of Peace: Australia, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom (Ministry for Peace), and the United States. Throughout the four days it was evident that ‘we the people’ are ready, willing, and able to be together and communicate with one another in ways that demonstrate the change we wish to see.

I return to the States with renewed vigor and a deepened commitment to help create an infrastructure for peace. Our part to play in this unfolding is to continue to work for a Department of Peace in the USA. Our campaign was recognized as an inspiration and help to many in attendance at the London Summit. There was particular interest in and enthusiasm for the grassroots aspect of it.

It was good to talk about our organizational structure, the recent conference in DC, our successes and challenges, and to receive such a positive response from many who are struggling to understand the present policies and actions of the United States. People particularly loved to hear stories of youth interest and involvement, and it is heartening to know that youth are becoming involved all over the world. It gives one hope.

On the final day of the Summit, the participants launched an on-going partnership for global action, called the People’s Initiative for Departments of Peace. The London Summit then concluded in a public meeting at the Grand Committee Room in the Houses of Parliament. After videos from Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Marianne Williamson, and talking about The Peace Alliance, I read the formal Declaration (reproduced below) and presented it to John McDonnell MP (member of parliament) who, inspired by Congressman Kucinich, has introduced legislation in the UK calling for a Ministry for Peace. [more below...]

Dot Maver reading the summit's declaration, standing with John McDonnell MP

Peace-building and conflict transformation technology and skills already exist and there are people in countries around the world who, like us, are demanding a dialogue to find a way together to create a world that works for everyone. In July the United Nations hosted the largest ever gathering of Civil Society where a Global Action Agenda for the Prevention of Violent Conflict was presented to the Secretary-General. The global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict is calling on governments to work with civil society in building a safer, more peaceful world (

The next Summit is planned for June 20-21, 2006, in Victoria, Canada, preceding the first World Peace Forum in Vancouver, where the People’s Initiative for Departments of Peace will offer a presentation.

Our day-to-day efforts are making a difference! Thank you for all you continue to do to bring this historic legislation to the forefront of politics in the United States. Let us continue to focus on our national campaign, now strong in 50 states with almost 300 congressional district team leaders, as we extend the hand of cooperation and stand with others around the world who are working for Departments of Peace in their respective countries.

There is a momentum for peace and justice that is unstoppable.

In the Spirit of Peace,

Dot Maver
Executive Director
The Peace Alliance


London, 19 October 2005

Today, we announce the launch of an international initiative for the creation of Departments of Peace in governments throughout the world.

Violence of all kinds is increasing.

There is an urgent need to find responsible solutions, expanding on past and present peace-building successes.

This international initiative will both provide resources and support for existing national Department of Peace campaigns, and assist new ones as they appear in other countries.

While the exact role of the department will differ in each country, its basic functions will be the same:

To foster a culture of peace;
To research, articulate and help bring about non-violent solutions to conflicts at all levels; and
To provide resources for training in peace-building and conflict transformation to people everywhere.
We, the undersigned, joyfully vow to support and encourage each other, to share information, to enrich each other’s experience, to listen to one another and to celebrate our commonalities and differences in our journey together towards a culture of peace.

Department of Peace, Australia
Working Group for a Federal Department of Peace, Canada
ministry for peace, United Kingdom
The Peace Alliance, Campaigning for a US Department of Peace, United States of America
Delegation from Israel
Binnie D’egli Innocenti, WWGHM, Italy
Federation of Damanhur, Italy
Global Peace Campaign, Working for a Ministry of Peace in Japan
Ank Mesritz, House of Peace, Netherlands
Paul van Tongeren, European Centre for Conflict Prevention, Netherlands
Zoughbi Zoughbi, WI’AM, Palestinian Conflict Resolution Centre, Palestine
Romanian Department of Peace Initiative
Jo Berry, Building Bridges for Peace, United Kingdom
Rolf C Carriere
Simonetta Costanzo Pittaluga



We need your financial support. From conference planning to citizen outreach to organization and training, our staff is working hard to keep the campaign moving forward. Please help us to build an organization capable of moving to the next level.

Become a Peace Alliance Partner, our sustaining monthly and quarterly donors. By making simple, regular contributions, you help ensure that we have a stable, predictable revenue base to fund our operations. If just a thousand people donate $20 dollars a month (the price of a pizza!), then we will be able to continue the momentum of our campaign, establish an office in Washington, D.C., and increase our effectiveness around the country. If you are already a monthly donor, please consider increasing your donation; if you are not already a donor, please become one now. Or if you would prefer, we gratefully accept one-time donations as well.



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