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By David Swanson

The USA Today editorializes thusly: "Despite all the costs and all the mistakes, Iraq is worth fighting for. Not because the decision to go to war was the right one, but because al-Qaeda has since declared Iraq to be its prime battleground. And so it is — one where the outcome is in doubt."

So, it's OK to aggressively attack and occupy a sovereign state for no good reason, after feeding a pile of obvious lies to places like the USA Today -- there need be no repurcussions, no restoration of international law. Instead the focus should be on new bogus reasons for continuing the occupation. But just WHY, do you suppose, or do the arrogant pundits of Gannett suppose, Iraq is such a prime recruiting area for anti-American terrorism? Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that Americans are illegally occupying it?


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Another pie in the sky idea...Iraq is worth fighting for. Time to face reality....this government has destroyed a nation with their grand ideas of changing the middle east. They compounded their error with the incompetent occupation. This is a disaster...this group of unethical, greedy people cannot make their wrongs right.. The only hope as citizens we have is to hold those responsible accountable...and let the UN clean up the mess with our financial support. We cannot win...these crooks in the White House have created a mess for us in Iraq and at home.

Thanks for this David....send letters to

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