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Driving While Intoxicated

Driving While Intoxicated

In a sense, the president or prime minister of any country can be thought of as the driver of the vehicle of State. While Congresses and Parliaments certainly have their say as to the direction of a country, the president or prime minister must be said to be at the wheel. Here in the United States, we consider Driving While Intoxicated (or DWI, as it is more commonly known) a serious offense.

The rationale behind our distaste for DWI is sensible. For instance, one of the key arguments behind DWI laws is that an intoxicated driver is likely to be overconfident in his or her ability to navigate the perils presented by the road they are traveling, or overestimate their ability to respond to the actions of other drivers with whom they share the highway – and in doing so, recklessly endanger the lives, health, and property of others. In this intoxicated state, they are unlikely to drive defensively – which most reasonable observers suggest is the best way to guarantee a safe and successful trip for everyone. It is also fair to argue that DWI can represent a serious character issue, since only a profoundly selfish person would even risk endangering the lives of others by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. And we also know that most drivers who are arrested for DWI have driven in this condition many times before getting caught. And some will continue to do so afterwards until they are either caught again (and again), or kill themselves. On the other hand, an emotionally intelligent person will opt for calling a cab, or having a designated driver, or even sleeping it off in the back of their car.

The Bush-Cheney administration may well be the first “all-DWI


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A book to read: BUSH ON THE COUCH by Justin A. Frank, M.D.

The book ends with the paragraph:
Our sole treatment option - for his benefit and ours - is to remove
President Bush from office. It is up to all of us - Congress, the media, and voters - to do so, before it is too late.

Bu$h Family of Gangsters R Guilty of

Governing While Intoxicated ( or GWI or GUI )

Is A LILLER and Is A Crime

Against Us All on Planet Earth

4 This and Other Crimes

It's Past Time 2 JAIL Em All

NOW... see

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