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Kucinich call for Investigation of Cheney Assassination Squad per Sy Hersch comments

Rep. Dennis Kucinch has called for a Congressional investigation of the allegations made by Seymore Hersch that Cheney headed an assassinations squad our of his Vice Presidential office.

This should get interesting. Hooray for Kucinich. He has regained his voice.

Now if we can get Rep. Conyers that champion of impeachment to do the same, Quickly.

Stories I've found so far:

and related:

WE should all get on these and related articles and post supportive comments calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to lead the investigation.

This may be our main chance.

God bless Kucinich...

Now if Wexler and Conyers and the rest of Kucinich's co-sponsors will get board.


John H Kennedy
Denver CO Impeach Colorado

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Lets all of us put Comments on these news stories about Rep. Kucinich's call for a Cheney Assassination Squad Investigation

He needs our help.

John H Kennedy, Denver CO,

Dick Cheney has been proven over and over again to be a paranoid psychotic...and so much more. Please support Dennis Kucinich's call for and investigation.
There are older accusations of various individuals who classify Cheney as sadistic, etc., and it goes back for some years, decades, and may involve MKULTRA and mind control program(s).
Cheney shoots his hunting buddy, and the victim, Mr. Whittington later admits to his daughter they were discussing whether to take him to the funeral home or try to get him some help!  This indicates that while Whittington was bleeding to death and lead poisoning was setting in from Cheney's shotgun pellets that Cheney must have preferred it would be more convenient for lawyer Whittington to go ahead and just die !!!  It must have seemed most inconvenient for Cheney that Whittington somehow survived.
Dennis Kucinich is asking only the reasonable, practical action here and is correct in this demand or call for action against Cheney, who is obviously out of control.  Mr. Hersh should be supported, as well, for bringing this out, and it was a smart move.  At least if the crime syndicate dumps Mr. Hersh in an attempt to silence him, he will already have shown their asses and it would be a most grand boner for the 'con' to pull such a stunt.
Perhaps Mr. Hersh has written himself at least a bit of insurance here, and I think he should have quadruplicate copies of his manuscript scattered in various places of the globe as he progresses with it.

Wayne Madsen at Wayne Madsen Report, and others are naming Cheney as nothing new that he has been involved, illegally, with domestic murder or hit squads as well as foreign ones.

The evidence and investigations surrounding the death of the late investigative journalist, Danny Casolaro, who was investigating the B.C.C.I. Scandal and the theft of PROMIS from Inslaw by factions of U.S. government, are now being related to Cheney or Cheney's teams, operatives, etc.,etc., adnauseam, and it seems to be old news to many researchers who have been unable to bring this Cheney issue to the front.

Right now there are 35,400 entries on Google for the phrase "Cheney operated domestic squads", even if you leave the word death, or hit, or murder out.

Mr. Seymour Hersh, the journalist bravely trying to expose this Cheney Abomination, should be awarded a cash grant IN ADVANCE to publicly give all testimony on the murder ring, then he could complete his book with the fine points later.
Thanks, joe

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