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LA Sets Standard for Protest at Local Media Outlet

Our After Downing Street Rally at KTLA/KCBS last week was a great success! Thank you all for your help in spreading the word. Check out the Indymedia pix and video:

This Saturday, we would like to repeat the success of our last rally with the hopes of raising awareness of the Downing Street Coverup, impeachable offenses of this administration, and a renewed call to bring our troops home now. We realize that people have many other options in where to spend their Saturday; however, an average of two soldiers are dying every day in Iraq! We cannot afford to sit back and wait any longer.

In addition to the usual signs, please bring yellow ribbons to show solidarity with our armed forces and signs in the theme of "help our troops come home".

Saturday, June 25
1:00 pm
In view of the Veterans Hospital
11301 Wilshire Blvd.
Wilshire Bl at Federal Ave (three-way intersection at San Vicente) West LA, 90025

Here is a link for Yahoo maps:

If possible, please pass this rally information onto your organizations and contacts. Our troops are depending on us to bring them home. Thank you for all that you do.

Melissa Castaneda

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- I'm sorry Bush told us there were WMD when there weren't.
- I'm sorry Bush told us Saddam had ties to Al Qaeda, and didn't.
- I'm sorry Cheney told us that Saddam's agents had met with Mohammad Atta in Prague, when he didn't.
- I'm sorry Colin Powell became so spineless that he threw his principles out the window and lied before the entire UN.
- I'm sorry over 1700 US servicemembers are dead in a war that was based on a lie.
- I'm sorry our soldiers are being told their own parents have to pay for their body armor, because the US military won't.
- I'm sorry the Bush administration lied about what really happened to Pat Tillman, and then lied to his parents.
- I'm sorry Bush demanded Saddam comply with UN inspections, then when Saddam did comply, Bush invaded anyway.
- I'm sorry Bush told us Mission Accomplished nearly 2 years ago, and the bloodshed continues.
- I'm sorry Bush told us the few incidents at Abu Ghraib were only isolated incidents, when they weren't.
- I'm sorry Bush told us 7 months before the Iraq war that he hadn't yet decided to invade, when he had.
- I'm sorry Bush keeps telling us the over 500 prisoners at Gitmo are such bad terrorists that they simply can never be released, but then Bush can't even come up with enough evidence to charge even one of them with jaywalking.

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