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Here's a plan for a quick Iraq exit strategy

Here's a plan for a quick Iraq exit strategy, By Byron McNutt Vilas County News Review Oct. 19, 2005

While most Americans recognize the need to "win the war on terrorism, many of those people believe the invasion of Iraq was a mistake that has sapped our national treasury, created more fanatic Islamic enemies worldwide, taken our focus off efforts to capture the perpetrators of Sept. 11 and lowered America's reputation in the world.

Our presence in Iraq has already cost about $200 billion. The death count is about 2,000 troops, plus tens of thousands have returned home with serious lifelong injuries. There are still more than 140,000 troops stationed in Iraq, plus tens of thousands of private workers helping to rebuild the

A lot of good things are happening in Iraq. They voted this past week on a landmark referendum to establish a constitution for democratic rule. They are doing, in just a few years, what took about 14 years when the US was

There are no simple solutions to the situation in Iraq, or in winning the War on Terror. Just about everyone wants the US out of Iraq, but the exit strategy needs careful consideration. We need to finish what we started, or we lose even more credibility around the world.

The decision affects all Americans. We must do it the right way. Murray Cohen, publisher of the Delphos Herald (Ohio), believes we need to put the so-called "idle rich" to work on solving the problem. They are some of the smartest people in the world. Since their children and grandchildren are probably not involved in the fighting, they have remained too silent.

Here's how Cohen suggests we enlist their ideas for getting us out of Iraq in the right way. We ask the people who head the corporations that are earning more than $1 billion pre-tax and the individuals earning more than $1 million pre-tax to come up with the answers.

As an incentive, we double their taxes over what they were before the current George Bush became president. Their taxes would remain doubled until one year after the last American serviceman has left Iraq, and they have been fully compensated in cash, benefits and medical treatment, with plenty
for the families of those killed.



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