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Solutions offered

There are so many things that have gone wrong in this country that the size of the problem seems insurmountable. Here are a few solutions offered that could be of use:
1- fair elections: Secret balloting was introduced after the civil war to prevent persecution of voters. The reasons for secrecy are now not as important as the need for transparent results that defy manipulation. Since voting laws are a state function, if voters lobby state legislatures for open voting, which can be counted publically at the time of vote casting, there will no longer be a need for privatized voting machines which can be used to steal elections. It would be next to impossible for another stolen election.
2. corporate control over media political messages: Altho return to the fairness doctrine has disadvantages, this would be the most effective, quickest way to ensure that ALL voices are heard.
3. Corporate control over media ensures the public cannot get a fair airing of all sides of a debate, nor have access to information necessary to the public for good public decisions. Repeal the Murdoch Telecommunications Act submitted by a bribed Newt Gingrich and break up the media monopoly now in place.
4. Corporations' bottom line is profit - the Reagan revolution in deregulation has led us to the current financial crisis but overlooked is the decades of criminal pollution leading to human, animal and environmental disasters that kill, maim and destroy for profit. W.R. Grace and the Libby, Montana fiasco is but one example. We need an Elliot Spitzer in every state as attorney generals or local prosecutors willing to take on corporate crimes. Right now litigation against corporations remains with the civil system and the burden of individuals - the unfair distribution of power almost guarantees inadequate address of major crimes. If the individual members of Boards and CEO's are charged and prosecuted under criminal law it wouldn't take many such court cases for profit to be secondary to human rights.
5. Congress is failing to recognize that the people are the voice of this country. It is apparent that even the Democratic party is now ruled by powerful interests. A complete exorcism of Congress is necessary to break up this illicit relationship. In particular this means Nancy Pellosi (impeachment is off the table) and Jane Harmon (thought police).
6. Repeal most of the "Patriot Act" and subsequent legislation which damages our Constitution and Civil Rights.
7. Since most public spying is now computerized and is based on "trigger words" the public can defeat and overwhelm such a system by including in every type of communication those types of words. It is possible to crash their system.

And finally, a thorough, public and non-partisan
investigation of the Bush criminal enterprise - no truth and reconcialiation cover-up as Leahy suggests.


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