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News and Happenings from Peace Justice and Environment Project (PJEP) Networks

PJEP News Late February March 2009
News and happenings from your Peace Justice and Environment Project (PJEP) networks

1. Check out the Most Active Campaigns on the PJEP networks

2. Action Alert:
In Chicago local organizers are looking for allies from neighboring states to co-sponsor, promote and attend a rally and march on the 6th Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. March 14 at noon, assembling at Marshall Ave and Cermak Rd in Chicago and marching. The Action is called by the Chicago Anti-War/Immigrant Rights Coalition, is asking to End the Occupations - Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and to Stop the government’s War on Immigrants. Folks in WI, MI, IN, KY, MO and IA who’d like to join this protest or learn more, please telephone 773-209-1187, email, check out the Action on or on the website at:

3. PJEP Networks grew to 30 websites for 40 states this month when we welcomed AROK Network for Arkansas and Oklahoma groups and High Plains Progressive for groups in North Dakota and South Dakota. Next to go live will be Louisiana, West Virginia, Oregon, South Carolina and North Carolina.

4. Facilitators Wanted! PJEP plans to have network websites for all fifty states go live by this summer. But we will need help to properly facilitate all these networks. You can help us network the greater progressive movement if you volunteer to facilitate a state (other than your own). Facilitators get to talk to and collaborate with some of the most interesting and dedicated activists around. If you are, or know of, an activist who

  • Communicates well and has basic computer skills (we’ll show you everything you need to know);
  • Would like to grow the movement in an inclusive, rather than exclusive way; and
  • Will work for love of the planet and the future of our children...


5. Facebook or SNAPAP? A friend writes: As far as signing up for another social network... I can't keep up with the one I am presently on [Facebook]. What would be the advantage?
"SNAPAP" Is Social Networking and Political Action for Progressives where you can publish your own page on the network of networks that was created by activists for activists. We (PJEP) are non-commercial; we are progressive. We are and will be directed by none other than the activists who facilitate our networks.

Facebook owners have just backed off trying to claim ownership of all member content after an incredible uproar. They further angered mothers when breastfeeding pix were banned. It can and will happen again. As, well, content is regularly mined by marketers and investigators.

If you want to back off corporate America (as PJEP’s programmer recommends), back off Facebook and get into SNAPAP.

That being said, social networkers can take advantage of both and resourceful activists will use any tools available, especially with Facebook making such a big splash lately. It’s fun and can be very effective. As a matter of fact, PJEP has its own Facebook group. Link here to join PJEP on Facebook.

6. New Resources

  • For those who want to try Social Networking and Political Action on your network , we’ve just created a new guide for its use PJEP 200 SNAPAP
  • Check out Illinois’s Resource of the Month, Witness against Torture and other 100 days campaigns in this article produced by the ICJPE’s Resource Committee.
  • Access Get Afghanistan Right through your network’s Resource section under Afghanistan/Pakistan for “very good collection point for resources and information dedicated to opposing military escalation in Afghanistan and supporting non-military solutions to the conflict.

7. Announcement:
Procession for the Future is a giant display of puppets, props and people from Washington State Action Network’s Backbone Campaign: This from Backbone’s Bill Moyer:

“The Procession [is taking] off … for Tempe, AZ where we'll be February 26-28. Subsequent stops are: Boulder, CO March 5-8; Austin, TX March 12-14; Gainesville, FL March 18-21; Raleigh-Durham March 25-28; Baltimore, March 31; New York City, April 1-4; Hartford, CT April 9 - 11; Boston, April 16-18; Rochester, NY April 22-25; and Chicago, April 29-May1. If you have friends or family in those cities let us know and we'll send them information about joining the parade and free activist trainings.” Email

8. One More Thing...PJEP was granted 501C-3 status by the IRS in January. This means we are now able to receive tax deductible contributions to achieve our goal of a 50 state network of networks and expand and develop our services to grassroots activists throughout the US. Check out our donate button at the bottom of each network website page and consider giving a donation to help us continue our work.


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