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Cindy Sheehan to Begin Week-long Vigil at White House

Civil Disobedience Planned for Day After 2000th US Death in Iraq is Announced

Sheehan and other peace activists will mourn the lives lost in Iraq and serve as a daily reminder to the Bush administration that the majority of Americans want the troops brought home from Iraq NOW

WHEN: Tuesday, October 25, 12 Noon thru Friday, October 28, 8 PM

WHERE: Lafayette Park side of the White House, Washington, DC

WHAT: Daily vigil at the White House, from 12 Noon – 8 PM Tuesday, October 25 thru Friday, October 28. A larger protest and civil disobedience will take place at 6 PM the day after the US announces the 2000th US soldier death in Iraq

Washington, DC - Cindy Sheehan and other peace activists will begin a week-long vigil in front of the White House on Tuesday, October 25 at 12 Noon to remind those responsible of the Iraq war that people throughout the country are mourning the loss of nearly 2000 US soldiers in Iraq and demanding that the US troops be brought home now. Sheehan will be joined by former US diplomat Ann Wright as well as members of CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Gold Star Families for Peace, Veterans for Peace, and others.

Peace groups throughout the country have called for vigils, marches and other peace events to be held the day after the US announces the 2000th US soldier death in Iraq. Some 327 events are planned in 48 states. For a list of all events planned to mark the 2000th US soldier death in Iraq, see

Sheehan plans to engage on nonviolent civil disobedience in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. on the day after the US announces the 2000th US soldier death in Iraq, and is inviting people from throughout the country to join her.

“On the day of the 2000th US death, I will go to the White House, and I will sit on the sidewalk and demand that the war mongers who live and work there bring our troops home. I hope that every person who cares about ending the immoral war and occupation of Iraq either joins me at the White House or goes to their local Congressional offices to demand that each and every member of Congress do everything in his/her power to bring our precious sons, daughters, husbands and wives home from this nightmare,


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I am fully in support of this move towards more civil resistance. Indeed, witnessing the Dems tepid responce to all of our work so far, what else can we do but resist? Cindy is a bright, shining beacon of dissent and she deserves our support. Many of us in the movement have not lost loved ones, but many of us have friends and family there. With privilege comes responsibility. A nationwide, decentralized campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience will energize and speak to many people.
That said, what's going on that we should keep in mind?

obviously the saddening 2000th death will come within days. get out there.

Then comes the November 2nd World Can't Wait, Drive out the Bush Regime mobilization across the country. It has a good list of endorsers and a broad, progressive perspective. Check out their website. There are alot of events planned for that day.

After that the November 17th and 18th days of counter recruitment action will be crucial.

But that's not enough.
We have to build the youth and student movement and give it the most support we can.
Let's make the connections between war, imperialism, poverty and racism.
In solidarity

Hey Chicken Shit, when you gonna tie your ugly self to the fence?

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August 2-6: Peace and Democracy Conference at Democracy Convention in Minneapolis, Minn.


September 22-24: No War 2017 at American University in Washington, D.C.


October 28: Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference

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