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NYPost Cartoon - Violent? Racist?

See the original. Notice the sign on the post between the two parked cars? "Beware of Dog."

His website with his bio is "currently unavailable."

The phone number to the NYPost is the Post and make sure you get a human voice and let them know that you get the insinuation, don't like it and want the Post and Delonas to apologize for running that cartoon, depicting the President as a gorilla.

Hold the NY Post accountable. Click here to sign Color of Change petition.

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On the other hand it could simply mean that the government is using chimps to come up with stimulus bills.
Maybe it is saying the best the government think tanks can do is use chimps, etc..
Also, if you go to the link and go back to the 18th where this cartoon is you can see the sign says something unclear lettering then the word "WAR" above "DOG", and the word "dog" also has unclear lettering before it.
So may have something, but it's hard to tell. Looking at the full size version makes one think he stuck the WAR DOG right in the middle of the violent depiction as a subliminal feature.
Incidentally, the real shooting happened at the officers squad car-cruiser when the chimp tried to get into the car with officer after going wild and tearing up the lady and I think ruining her face, etc., so the officer had to shoot at that point after they'd retreated back to there cars when lunged at.

>Might mean chimps write govt stimulus bills

What chimp has written a stimulus bill?

>it could simply mean that the government is using chimps to come up with stimulus bills.

Again, what is the connection between the chimp and the stimulus bill?

>if you go to the link and go back to the 18th

Readers can see the original, large cartoon by using the search feature for February 18, 2009 at the "See the original" link posted above.

>So may have something, but it's hard to tell.

I disagree. It's not hard to tell.

>WAR DOG right in the middle of the violent depiction as a subliminal feature

It's a street sign between two parked vehicles. Customarily "Beware of Dog" signs are on residences, not street signs.

I hate incitement of violence, and this is exactly what this cartoonist is doing. He/she is not in high school making idle threats, he/she is an adult in the real world. It is ludicrous that this cartoon made it past the editors. New York Times should be held accountable in some way, by fines or something. Doesn't this, at the very least, violate FCC regulations? Cheney would have sent Homeland Security to raid New York Times building if this was published during Bushco.

But I don't particularly like "hate crime" laws (falls under Orwellian "thought crime" category to me) . In order for there to be a hate crime, a violent act must first take place (such as threat of violence or a committed violent act against individuals in "particular groups".) If a robber murders anyone of any race or sexual orientation, are they doing it "with love" only to people outside those mandated groups? Are violent crimes against senior citizens and the disabled a "hate crime"? Any threat of violence, including stalking , against any human being is hate!

Satire will offend any racial group always, including the portrayal of white people. It is difficult for me to disallow freedom of speech. Bush was portrayed as a chimp for eight years, and we were allowed this with our God-given inalienable Constitutional freedom of speech rights. I will not be calling New York Times for depicting President Obama (he is not a king) or ANY politician as a gorilla. But to incite violence that will put our President or ANY people in harm's way is wrong and violation of law (I think) , so I will be calling NY TIMES for this reason.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Time and again I am watching ESPN and their black (male and female)commentators and am impressed by their lingual ability. These people are good looking and speak a lot better than I do..
I was impressed with A-Rod (Dominican born in America?) and even though he is fibbing his way out of a scandal and read a prepared statement ... he spoke very well.
There's Charles Barkly, Shaquille O'Neal, T.O (Owens) and on and on who speak better than myself and my fellow white man.
In that cartoon I see a chimpanzee that was shot. An incident of a shot chimpanzee has just occured. The stimulus package is controversal and it just occured (with a hell of a lot more white sponsors than black).
Being incited by that cartoon may have been the cartoonist intention. Ignoring the cartoon would have been the best solution.

I need to add a disclaimer here: I feel VERY strongly about a comic strip and cartoonist's right to satirize, probably more strongly than your average American Jane & John Doe, because I did a term paper in my high school journalism class on comic strips. Much too my surprise (dismay?) I actually learned something by picking what I thought would be an easy, fun topic. I delved into the history of comic strips and found out that many times they were mocking their own newspaper owners by actually reporting the real news ! Back to the future, I have no qualms of cartoonists' satirizing MSM's treatment of violence in war, as this exposes to the public what a farce MSM "reporting" actually is.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the reaction to this cartoon as racist , I feel , is overwrought, and I agree with you on that count EW. But I have to side with Chip that this is gratuitously inciting violence against any politician, if not President Obama himself, and there ARE laws against this (aren't there? FCC anybody? The operative word is "incitement". I am still flabbergasted that this got past the editors).

Not trying to go down the middle here with "sides" , just trying to follow letter of the law & Constitution.
Another disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer, but would like one's take on this. Richard Schaedler, are you there?

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

That is an excellent point. Sean Delonas should be made to explain exactly what his point was. I was overly concerned about the racial implications ... feeling that we as adults should not allow ourselves to sink to the levels of bigotry.

Thanks Yank


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