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Off With Their...WHIG...

Huffington Post
By Steve Cobble

Congressman Dennis Kucinich wants to look under Bush's WHIG, and see what's festering there.

The WHIG is the White House Iraq Group, the secret group that was quietly formed in 2002 in order to sell the war to the American people--whether they wanted it or not, whether it was legal or not, whether the facts about WMDs were there or not.

Rep. Kucinich has introduced H. Res. 505, a Resolution of Inquiry demanding "all documents from 2003 pertaining to the taskforce organized by Andrew Card, consisting of Karl Rove, Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin, Nicholas E. Calio, James R. Wilkinson, Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley and I. Lewis Libby, known as the White House Iraq Group."

Quite a lineup.

In September, we tried to pass Rep. Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry, concerning the Downing Street Minutes. With a sustained grassroots effort, we managed to convince every Democrat on the House International Relations Committee to support Lee's ROI, and even won over one Republican to our side and got another to just vote "present". Unfortunately, the Republicans have an advantage starting out in this (and all) committees, so we lost by the slim margin of only one vote.

We're ready to try again. Join us. is ready. is ready.
Progressive Democrats of America is ready.

We want to see what's hidden under Bush's WHIG.

[Check out Will Pitt's blog for further info.]



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This looks like it could be a better resolution anyhow. It doesn't rely on leaked minutes of a British meeting, nor on any other single piece of evidentiary material that could (rightly or wrongly) be dismissed as hearsay reporting on U.S. activities and intentions. And it could tie together several aspects of the Fitzgerald and McNulty investigations, if they don't do it themselves.

Besides, it would be nice to see Dennis succeed and scare the crap out of a few members of his own party as well as the Repugs -- like Hillary, for example. :-)

Wow. I am totally psyched about this. I'll do my part in trying to "convince" McCain and Kyl (AZ), but I think they're too far gone to really give a hoot much anymore....sadly....[you'd think that after what bushco did to mccain, he'd feel like settling some scores, y'know?]

Anyway, I was just thinking that this WHIG Inquiry is precisely what is needed. And, the DSM will fit right in! British memos or not, they are evidence to the fact that the WHIG was selling a baseless war to us. [May they continue to be haunted by every soul they've taken so callously from us.]

And...if this ROI passes, I would say that Dennis K will have a VERY large group of ever-devoted Dems, me as one!!!

Try these for starters - I'm sure there are more:

Theft of two elections.

Lying to Congress.

Forging documents.

Illegal invasion and occupation.

Illegal diversion of appropriated funds to support the illegal invasion.


Knowingly revealing the identity of a covert CIA operative.


Attempting to cover up the conspiracy by lying to the grand jury.


Maybe we can get one of those nice, air conditioned buses that Brownie promised but never sent to New Orleans, fill it with Bush administration criminals and give them all a one way ticket to prison.

John Perry

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