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Who Told Dick Cheney?

My first cut at the NY Times scoop. WOW!
Who Told Dick Cheney?
By Larry C. Johnson

Thanks to the NY Times one more piece of the tangled web woven by White House operatives has unraveled and we now know that Vice President Cheney told Scooter Libby that Joe Wilson's wife worked at the CIA. It also seems pretty clear that the notes show that Libby lied to the Grand Jury when he claimed he learned the name from reporters. Libby faces big trouble. Although the NY Times story reports that Libby's notes indicate that George Tenet told Cheney about Plame, there are some intriguing unanswered questions. For starters it is highly unlikely that George Tenet showed up at the White House and just happened to know the name of Valerie Plame. Someone at the White House asked for it first. Tenet clearly came prepared to respond to a White House request. I'm sure the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, knows who called CIA to ask the question.

I also doubt that Tenet used the name "Plame". Since Valerie married Joe Wilson she went by the name, Valerie Wilson. Someone introduced "Plame" into the equation. Who did the subsequent work up on Mrs. Wilson? Only Scooter? Unlikely. Look for other names to emerge in coming days that will reveal who helped work out the "background" info on Valerie Wilson.

What sweet irony! Dick Cheney had a hand in pushing the "nepotism" charge, you know, Joe Wilson only got the job because his wife hired him. Since Dick got his daughter a sweetheart deal at State Department he should not be out casting such stones or encouraging others to do so. See Dick. See Dick run. See Dick resign.


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Larry, you have no idea how much I have enjoyed and how grateful I am for your reporting. I am especially appreciative of your speech at the Conyers After Downing Street Memos hearing in the basement.

I've suspected Cheney-Tenent from the start. However, what I want to know is who told Novak that Valerie Plame was covert? Novak surely would have had to tell Fitzgerald - I'm assuming Novak participated in the investigation in the beginning, hence why he seemed insulated from the investigation.

Also, I'm very curious about Judith Miller. I don't believe she is simply a journalist. Can you explain why she is listed as an emeritus member of the Aspen Institute and how she is a supposed expert on WMD's? I think that her role simply as a mouthpiece of the administration is simplistic at best.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for seeking and reporting the facts, and more importantly, the truth.

Larry...who forged the niger document? Any chance they came directly from the White House. Any chance they came from Cheney?

Michael Ledeen was at the center of it is my educated guess.

There was a story about four or five days ago posted here which discussed the forged documents showing up in Italy and then being forwarded to DC. i dont have the details or sequence, but i think if you go to the calender on the upper left of this site and click on Evidence it should be there. I also appreciate all the work so many have done to set our democracy back on its proper footing. This website, Democracy Now, Common Dreams, Pacifica Radio with a growing number of outlets across the country and Free Speech Tv among others have kept hope alive.

I am not sure where this came from now, I have read so many articles. Colin Powell told both Bush and Chaney who Plame was and only them. I think this was the original outting. This was either Powell's testimony or it was his secretary's. There was a lot of speculation about email Powell had showing Plame was a secret CIA agent. I hope we get this all tied up soon. The pressure is killing my stomach.

I, an ordinary citizen just observing this whole Plame drama, figured it was Cheney all along.

Is this really such a surprise?
(I realize that in our "wonderful American justice system" a person must be "proven" guilty...... well, at least some of us get that luxury.)

And why is it so hard to understand that the
Arrogant - Deranged - Power-Sucking Vampire Cheney could get ANY information he wanted, at ANY time he wanted it?

Wouldn't the VP sack-of-sh*t have clearance for access to any information he wanted?

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