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The Predator State - Economic Meltdown

“The Predator State” - Economic Meltdown

Economist James Galbraith shows how conservatives engineered financial free-fall …

… During the last decade, the United States has become a nation of predators vs. the rest of us. As Galbraith explains it, neoconservatives in Washington and on Wall Street have conspired to steal elections and occupy the most powerful political and financial institutions in the land so that they might abuse that power. How does it work? When times are good, extol the virtues of privatization. Then reward politicians for betraying the public trust. Finally, let the robber barons rob the country blind. When times are bad, extol the virtues of socialism. Say you're asking for bailouts not for yourself but for the greater good. Nationalize whole industries, like the financial sector, whatever the cost. …


Bill Moyer interviewing James Galbraith about our failing Economy.

Bill Moyer interviewing Simon Johnson about our failing Economy.

U.S. Congressman Claims The End of the World As We Know It — Almost Happened - Video

… Rep. Paul Kanjorski claims on C-Span that the world economy almost collapsed in a matter of hours.

In this clip, Kanjorski reports on a "tremendous draw-down of money market accounts in the United States, to the tune of $550 billion dollars" that happened in an hour or two.


China is right to have doubts about who will buy all America's debt.

Chinese doubts about the value of US Treasury bonds highlight a crucial question: who will buy the estimated $2.7 trillion to $4.2 trillion of debt expected to be issued over the next two years? …


The Jewish conspiracy in Asia.

TOKYO - A Chinese bestseller, entitled "The Currency War," describes how Jews are planning to rule the world by manipulating the international financial system. The book is reportedly read in the highest government circles. If so, this does not bode well for the international financial system, which relies on well-informed Chinese to help it recover from the current crisis.

Such conspiracy theories are not rare in Asia. Japanese readers have shown a healthy appetite over the years for books such as "To Watch Jews Is to See the World Clearly," "The Next Ten Years: How to Get an Inside View of the Jewish Protocols," and "I'd Like to Apologize to the Japanese: A Jewish Elder's Confession" (written by a Japanese author, of course, under the made-up name of "Mordecai Mose"). All these books are variations of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the Russian forgery first published in 1903, which the Japanese encountered after defeating the czar's army in 1905. …


European banks' toxic debts risk overwhelming EU governments.


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Bill Moyer interviewing James Galbraith about our failing Economy.

Bill Moyer interviewing Simon Johnson about our failing Economy.

that's bill moyers with an s although bill moyer without an s does a great job on the backbone campaign

Inside the Meltdown. 2-17-09 -- Frontline / Bill Moyers.

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