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Levin Planning to Lay It Out There?

From a comment Jason Leopold posted on my Facebook page:

In two weeks or so, Carl Levin, chair of the Armed Services will be releasing a declassified version of his report on torture that took place at Gitmo and Iraq and Afghanistan. It will include confessions like the one you cite here in the link, David. Levin's declassified report will make the most hardened person squirm. It's that scathing and it is clear that crimes were committed and Levin is blunt in who is culpable and should be held accountable. What will Obama and the DOJ do when its released is the question I ask.

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I will go to Washington, if I have to WALK there to protest this! Give us the word, David, if something's planned this spring and you will see ME in the ranks. I'm not going to ask our President for jack. I'm going to DEMAND it.

but the former president has confessed to torture on TV, so waiting for something more blatant might prove frustrating

is assign somebody to feed by my two cats and two labs. I'm self-employed and it's not like I'm beating customers from my door, at present time.
Speaking of THAT noise, so when have the Uber Reich Wing of the party start touting to NOT buy American??? I remember in a not so distant past that the redneckians would want to punch one of us commie, pinko, fag, dirty fucking hippys if we slurred the BUY AMERICAN™ motto! Is it just me, or did the globalist's scumbags that sold this country out just convince the "conservatives" (still the funniest oxymoron I know) that somehow buying Harbor Fright stuff is better for us now? I buy steel every day for my business as a fabricator/welder and I'm some sort of criminal now, I guess. You don't have to stop the world, just slow it down a notch and I'll jump!

all of the acquiescence and looking the other way by the DEMS thru this nightmare we are still deeply in the middle of, you'd think that these highly principled DEMS would have done everything short of march on GITMO or stand in front of AL-CIA-DA's home base in Langley, VA., to make the point that; "WE DO NOT TORTURE" (bullshit, of course, and we DID TORTURE!)

Levin takes an awful lot of money from A.I.P.A.C., and so do a lot of these other fuckers who decry the torture and murder, so it strikes me that there is a very live 'double standard' going on here that cannot be disputed.

when it's everyone else's family member being tortured and murdered, it's 'okay' that we do it, but if it's Mrs. Smith from Peoria, IL., and her husband being tortured, then perhaps it'll finally hit home that these are indeed WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST ALL HUMANITY and not just transgressions against the manifold treaties such as the Geneva Conventions and other accords we are signatories to, and yet whom we have breached and violated.

Levin won't do anything, and neither will anyone else. He doesn't dare bite the ISRAELI HAND THAT FEEDS HIM, and that's for sure.

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