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Ray McGovern. Conspiracy Nut?

“It’s not so terrible that people wish us killed. What I really resent is the silence of the good people.”

And this is what we are seeing from the Liberal and well Educated Antiwar Blogosphere. They refuse to cover the 9-11 Issue.

You are doing to Truthers the same thing the DEMS Did to Jimmy Carter in the last DNC. You treat us like lepers instead of brothers with the same gold.

I just want to show you a clip with Ray McGovern on 9-11 Movement:

This is what you expect from a leader and a wise individual. They learn from the experts.

The progressive Organizations only have four more Years of life, folks. The NEOCONS have improved the art of Self Provocation AKA False flag Incidents. These are fact folks:

1-The war in Georgia was planned by The Neocons (Randy Scheuneman). To Blame the Russians.

2-The War in Gaza was also in part planned by them and their “mini-me” in Israel to Blame Hamas by using the INFAMOUS rocket Incidents and you know its results even in the Electoral Arena. Russian Ethnic Lieberman, a Recognized Fascist is considered the Big Winner in the recent elections.

3-They Wanted to Paint US Plains with UN Colors to Provoke Hussein.

4-They ordered the CIA to forge Documents (Susskind’s book).

5-They wanted to provoke IRAN and Also manipulated intelligence and forged a laptop Computer to justify a WAR.

And many more.

But before someone jump on me I ask you Please, to watch the same Videos I advised Robin Dickens to Watch:

Yank says: there is neither evidence nor documentation on 9-11 Crimes. No yank, there is plenty evidence the big difference is that they’ve NEVER confessed doing or allowing 9-11 crimes as they did already CONFESSED EVEN on TV your alleged crimes: Torture, Illegal surveillance, and spy on Americans etc. But all those crimes are protected under the 9-11 UMBRELLA.

9-11 it is their Achilles ’ heel. That's why you are going to start watching all the serious witnesses of the event dying in unexpected Accidents at a young age .In particular those coming forward.

PSSSSP. Do something don't let them die in vain!

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This forum is also dedicated to the memory of Willylo. A very Smart folk, A Very Sharp and prolific Writer but also sometimes a pain in the but.


I wish you a good peace wherever you are.I missed You.
Let's remember in silence your last Question:


"This sounds like a good idea, but I would like to ask,
and I mean I would like to ask in a serious way, if a speaker could be included in this event who could reasonably and respectfully address the evidence of the crimes of 9/11 at this forum.

Whether or not Bush/Cheney simply allowed 9/11 to occur by turning their backs on stacks of investigative evidence that pointed to terrorist plans prior to that day (as detailed in various locations and even in the last 3 articles of impeachment submitted by Dennis Kucinich,) or if they were more involved in the planning, either way, what happened on Sept. 11th is critical to any war crimes discussion.

I respectfully ask this question and therefore would appreciate a response in a similar tone. Thank you."

Moderator Answer:

"You'd have to ask the organizers but if you succeeded, then i would not participate, just as i will not discuss the topic you will pursue in your next comment and cordially invite you to visit a 9-11 website, as there are several."

We are nothing folk.!

They don't allow us to be represented not even at the end of the show, to unite forces.!

I know perhaps i will be next to go.


We're not just celebrating love today, we will finally get a little peace around here too ;-D

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

It is the kind of PEACE i like.


He was not the guy who spoke about the "Secret pictures".

Yesterday was just the last straw, and only the tip of the iceberg. His long & checkered history of ongoing harassments in these parts is finally over, so let's leave it at that, ok? He has his own agenda and his own website.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

He has no "Own" agenda he has his OWN Opinion.

He was NOT selling anything here. He only linked to his site when it was part of the Topic. Yo can research it.

However, yes. He sometimes was rude. You know that i argued with him, but we are in the same team. Later on he apologized.

I see the issue as a defeat and not a motive for party. Perhaps because he was on my side regarding 9-11.

Being malicious towards members , and eventually the owner, is not fair. He is a provocateur, and his actions & words inevitably led to his sabatoging of civil discourse . It was his way or the highway. Well he got what he wanted . He's gone.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

>his actions & words inevitably led to his sabotaging of civil discourse

Precisely. They chose it by their behavior.

What is so difficult to understand? I went all through this yesterday, and within an hour of the last post on that thread, you start up here again.

This is David's site, and he has the prerogative to determine its mission and content. He chooses what topics are covered as he clearly states in ADS's policy: "...lobbying to have this site cover your favorite topic in articles may be ineffective. There are a lot of excellent websites, and this one cannot cover everything."(bolding MINE).

Your bold-faced statement: "This is what you expect from a leader and a wise individual. They learn from the experts." is another slap at David, simply because he's used his rightful prerogative to determine the mission and content of ADS.

In our complex world, specialization is ordinary and customary. Doctors specialize. Lawyers specialize. Accountants specialize. Teachers specialize. David's specialization is in holding the Bush-Cheney administration accountable (and he retains the right to choose among their volumes of crimes), and in peace and justice issues.

Do you berate a proctologist for not doing neurosurgery? Then why berate David for his rightful choice?

We've all read, ad nauseum, your contention that 911 is "their Achilles' heel." I know your position, and I'm tired and bored with reading your accusations against David and ADS. Why don't you stop your bullying tactics?

You are imposing by continuing your lobbying and advertising of 911 topics here, and then, if you get banned, you'll whine and cry like a baby, when it's your own behavior that brought it down on you.

Our readers are smart enough to use "The Google" to investigate 911 if they choose to do so. We don't need your advertising of your favorite videos and sites to remember 911 or investigate it. Again, "...there are a lot of excellent websites, and this one cannot cover everything."

and heartily encourage 911ers to discuss 911 nonsense on sites dedicated to it, i've only blocked people who libeled, not people who expressed dumb or off-topic opinions, er, sorry, indisputable scientific facts

just until the moment they produced the evidence they were talking about, which ought to be quite easy

after calling you "childish," "little boy" and "asshole." Leave them gone. They contribute nothing but trash talk, dissension and abuse. They are trolls having a temper tantrum because they can't have their way.

I've been to sites where you wouldn't dream of writing the stuff I've read here. I just figured the cream would rise and the "other stuff" would sink from popular opinion (and common sense). I saw and admired that about David's policy. Free for all. But there's just lines you do NOT cross and I definitely saw that happen. Come on! Insulting the people that have the power to disappear you? That's right up there with cussing out your waiter and then eating the food you bitched about before hand. You don't think it's not been spit in? That's not trust, that's foolishness!
I'm done with this subject. No revisiting for me.

And also my last word on said subject.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

Yes, it ought to be quite easy - unless you caught a 911 Truther in a bald-faced lie about you. Then it would be more difficult...

He has been soft on 9-11 But at the same time most of people's picture to your right side of the screen are truthers.(Excluiding of course Bush and Co and folks like Chomsky)

You complain about Conyers being soft on the Neocons and Rove, you accuse him of Corrupted but at the same time you are hiding your head below the ground on 9-11. You are playing SOFTBALL in this case.

Yes i know David and Many of you are not expert that's why i want all of you to watch them and give us a voice.

You can ban me and i won't cry trust me.

You will niver find PEACE and JUSTICE if you don't face the whole truth.

I fact i am leaving right now. But you won't get a penic from me till you grow some balls


But let me ask this question. As of this morning, Sunday Feb 15, 2009, how much closer this morning are we from where we all were on this objective, three years ago? Taking into account the contentions and ONLY the contentions stated within the ADS.ORG mission statement. You see yank, and you too Ms Chip, BOOO! The 9-11 contentions have been dismissed here at ADS.ORG as nonsense in the face of "other" contentions stated here as THE relivant issues. WELL BULLY FOR THAT!!! How close are we to acquireing that evasive IMPEACHMENT? How close are we actually,,,,to impeachment?

You know something Ms Chip? I actually began my info quest on the 9-11 subject here at ADS.ORG through connection links. I Learned about PEAK OIL here at ADS.ORG. I suppose that is now considered foolishness too. I discovered the existance of the P N A C through video links provided here at ADS.ORG.

Yesterday, I read a comment made by Swanson indicating now I am a member (in good standing) of a fools Brigade. Well BULLY for that!

I forwarded evidence of my above statement to David via email.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

ohhhh shit the ground is gonna be trembleing soon.

Its David's call from here on out.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

And that is all we can ask of you. well done.

These are merely my last words to you, Scott, nothing more , nothing less. yankhadenuf

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

ohhhh shit the ground is gonna be trembleing soon.

See what I met Willy about what has taken over, over here?

Again, her very action proves another point.

Hey thanks yank. you made that easy.

is that underused dictionary (and thesaurus) you ought to peruse when you attempt to spell thangs. What arrogance to come and insult the people that run a blog! I believe Chip is a gentleman and NOT a woman. Why the vitriol to people that choose what they want to do on their own website? You're quite mad, you know.


I just proved my case (of being quite mad (i.e. howling at the moon batshit crazy).

People Say:

"A picture says 100O Words. A video, Millions"!

Of course when it is done by credible people.

Look how Collin Powel sent us to the "war on terror"

David said:

“911 nonsense”

Please. Remove the pictures of those “No sense People” your web designer posts here:
Ed Asner. William Rodriguez, Cynthia McKinney, Gore Vidal…

Also those articles of Paul Craig Roberts, Denis Kucinich and Ray McGovern.

Chip Said:

“after calling you "childish," "little boy" and "asshole."

Lies, I did NOT say that.

I say You all have Dropped the 9 -11 “HOT POTEITO” the same as the Main Stream Media Does.

On this particular topic, you are as coward as you claim Conyers is.

“They contribute nothing but trash talk,"

I just posted VIDEO DOCUMENTATION on all topics.

By the way:

You have posted some of the “Trash” I researched online too.

"David is the Owner"

So what, Should i agree everithing he says?

As long as i don't curse and treat you with respect. Same as you should do!

close to what most people would call respectful language. I guess someone has to sit you down explain the "Facts O Life®". You fellows are going "a bridge too far". But you don't see it because you're too deep into it (i.e. involved, focused, obsessed) to realize this.

I'll give you an example. You are a theoretical mathematician and you've broke astounding new ground so you go outside and start blathering about the plank's constant and quantum mechanics and expect the slack jawed pedestrian, sitting there on the proverbial park bench, to understand a gosh darned word you said! I'm not going to indulge into the matter of whether there's any "truth" to the subject, as much as stress to you how batshit looney you appear to most people.

You have to wean public opinion, you just can't come right out and slap them with the "truth". You'll never quite get this, as I can tell you're waaaaay to "involved".

Don't you call Conyers: Coward, Corrupt. Some Call him traitor etc.

Yes, we are way involved, on the BIGGEST CRIME in US History and all of the Important media refuses to speak about it.

They say there is no Documented evidence!

You should watch McGovern video above to see how angry we shoul be.

I feel i deep respect towar David and It Not His fault.

jlennon, I wrote: "And, some people choose to leave after calling you" (David) 'childish,' 'little boy' and 'asshole.'"

Does that say you said it? No. So, you misconstrue what I've said, so you can call me a liar and a coward. And then you dictate that you should be treated with respect? LOL!

There's nothing cowardly about choosing not to cover a topic here on ADS. It's simply the site's policy: "There are a lot of excellent websites, and this one cannot cover everything." That means that David, using his prerogative as site owner, chooses not to cover 911. So be it.

While you demand "respect" for yourself, you are unwilling to respect his right and prerogative to determine the site's contents.

Video documentation of a topic that the site owner chooses not to cover does not contribute to the site. It detracts from it, just as these endless adversarial diatribes do.

But, the endless blathering does what you want: it keeps the topic thread alive. Your advocacy of 911 "truth" is reduced to adversarial accusations, dictates, and demands.

And, now you're dictating to David what pics he can post? What a perfect example of how uni-dimensional you are. Once again, it's your way or not at all. So, according to you, those people must not be displayed because they only can advocate for 911 - nothing else.

But you yesterday also call me "Provocatour"

Yes, i want to provoque on the good people Political thinking. Perhaps in an obsesive way. But this is no time to play soft ball.

What are we waiting. That they do something Similar Again?

I support your work but don't forget about us and the Millions have died because of 9-11!

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