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1,997 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Check the latest numbers. Each one is somebody's child. And each one represents many more Iraqis killed, each one of whom was somebody's child.

The 2,000th is soon. What you can do:


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It's NOT just a number!

It's the living breathing child, sister, brother, grandchild and cousin!

Let's make it clear...they are MORE than a number!


prowar supporter who tried to come on and say it was a 'noble cause' so we should shut up...would in fact see that it really boils down to the family unit who is absolutely destroyed by this.

Maybe the repetition will sink into their anti-Cindy brains.

I fully support a withdrawl from Iraq, and strongly believe that the war was initiated on false, indeed immoral, grounds. That said, as a relative of one who died in the war, I feel obliged to point out that the given 'ad' (above, main text), while (no doubt) well-intended, can hurt. The 'ad' seems to suggest that we -- the good ones against the war -- are looking forward to the 2000th US death. Why not simply post the 'wage peace' link, rather than 'The 2000th is soon. Get ready!', as if a party is about to happen?

I hope you all feel good about making a "New Year's Eve" countdown out of the death toll in Iraq.

Please remember peace is not possible as long as Islamic radicals want to rule the world. Any withdrawal (appeasement) by the U.S. will be a sign of weakness and encourage Islamic extremists to wage more assaults on the West.

Hey bud, do a little more research on the Iraqi insurgency and it's origins and you will find that your formulation is totally bunk. Fallujah is our Guernica, not our Munich. The insurgency is not pretty but neither is the occupation. There have been countless indications that Iraqis oppose the occupation and many support armed attacks against the occupiers. It might pain us to see children cheering when a US convoy is blown up, but that is the reality. Our presence is a spur to violence. Once we leave, the insurgency could take any number of turns. But there has been talk of a split between the nationalist Sunni guerrillas and the foreign jihadists once we exit. That is a good sign. But one serious question. What makes you think we can actually "pacify" resistance with our current troop level in Iraq? That's ridiculous to say. Sooner or later, the US will be forced to exit Iraq. The choice is ours as to how soon that will occur.

You're just spewing opinion and misinformation. And, when did I say anything troop levels in Iraq?

The anti-war crowd has had champagne on ice for days now.

They just love bad news!


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