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It is easy to media snipe from your PC/Printer to your nest
of decent, but deceived and undereducated folks. You can
print on higher bond glossy and use rubber cement to make
your own bumper or public stickers, use other safe adhesives for permanence. Years ago Burma Shave signs made an amusing trail to sell something to clean up your face with. Would be nice to see displays in the busy motor and walkway corridors
that could create an interactive wave of energy so that non-adjuticated felons do not escape through a time shuttle: High
point comic typescript edged like a friendly scalpel; a national
freeform slogan contest lodged to keep the door to suppressed
documents ajar; Cheney In Jail Before We Fail, Jack And Sack
The Old White House Pack, Prosecution Not Prostitution, Who
Is John Poindexter, Keep Treason Out Of Season, INDICT!, All
The Truth About 911 , We Exonerated/They Incinerated, Remember
Iran Contra, The Cheney Conspiracy Took Your Job, Prosecute
Bush And Defend America, Support Our Soldiers/Jail The Bushmen,
Convict Bush/Cheney or Jail America, America Demands Bush
Prosecution, An American Never Forgets What GOP Elephants Did, Not A Monopoly Game/No Get Of Jail Card For Dick, You Can't Get
Moriarty Without White House Convictions, Nothing Is Certain
Except Death, Taxes and Former White House Treason, Put Bush
In Court Or Lose The Fort, The Iraqi Shoe Fit, Make Cheney
Squeal So Iraq Can Heal, We Know Who Dunit/Now The Indictment,
Take Republican Feet Out Of Your Face, No Statute Of Limitations On War Crimes, You Paid The Price, Now Bush/Cheney
Pay The Price, Remember The Manhattan Alamo/Indict Bush/Cheney,
Too Many Dead For Impeachment Not Read, Stop A National Strike Strike/Indict Bush. When America Goes Down/They Go Down, Be
An Action Hero/Take Down Bush/Cheney Thugs. . .

Write a hundred, pick the best five, make an interactive
three thousand mile signboard come alive!


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